Big Potato Games Release Three New Classics In Time For Christmas!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Many of us love to play board games at Christmas! Whether they be the classics like Monopoly or new adventurous ones that have us shocked throughout (*cough* Cards of Humanity! *cough*), every family has their favourite. 

However, 2023 is the year that the games market gets a makeover, all thanks to Big Potato Games. Last year, I featured the brands brilliant game Chicken Vs Hotdog, which so many of you loved. Including my nephew! 

This year, I have three more games for you to enjoy. Suitable for the whole family, there is something to enjoy with the kids and one to enjoy when they are in bed. Get that competitive streak ready because you are going to want to get stuck into these…

Block Party, £24.99: Starting with the most innocent of the three, you can get the whole family on board with this one. Upon being given a list, the team has to take one secret item and make it using the blocks they have. Then another team member must guess what everyone’s creations are. However, it isn’t easy, as the timer is set and it all must be completed before it runs out. Definitely one to let your imagination run wild with. 

You Can’t Say Umm, £19.99: How many times a day do you think you say, “Umm?”Probably a lot more than you might imagine! This makes this game even more exciting. Challenged with a series of silly word combos, you must explain them to the rest of the team without saying that famous word. Throwing in extra challenges and a timer, this is a game the whole family will either love or have an argument over. Either way, it’s a lot of fun! 

Get The Ick, £9.99: Once the kids are in bed, it is time to have some fun. Everyone has an ick that turns them off someone. This game reveals them all. When faced with four scenarios, the team has to guess which ick the person has chosen. A real bonding experience, it is definitely a game to get the conversation flowing. 

Big Potato Games have a whole host of amazing games to play at Christmas and throughout the year. These three new ones are perfect stocking fillers or presents, with endless amounts of fun to be had with them. Head to their website to see the entire collection lovelies!

I’m definitely excited to play You Can’t Say Umm with my little nephew. I think he is going to laugh so much throughout. I plan to gift the ick game to my brother, as he is the most revealing out of us all aha! What games will you be playing this Christmas? 

Joey X

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