Trolls Band Together London Event and Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

I’m very lucky for two reasons! One, the amazing team at Universal were kind enough to allow me and my family to attend a screening of the new Trolls film, Trolls Band Together, and two, my team of mini reviewers were very happy to help me with it! 

Becoming a brilliant bunch of film lovers, I sent my neighbours Casey and Archie and their little boys, Bert and Jon, down to Leicester Square to have some fun on Sunday morning. 

With only a few days to go until it is released into cinemas, the team were given an exclusive look at the film. Something that I am safe to say went down well. Full of smiles, before they had even seen it, they entered the cinema for a whole host of fun at 10am. 

The foyer was filled with food, drinks and fun to be had, including meeting characters, colouring and even becoming a troll during a photo shoot. There was also a very exciting dance off before the film started. Plus, plenty of popcorn and drinks to go around. 

Trolls has been a hit with families for years, but this one feels extra special. It is a film that makes everyone smile, even when characters are being faced with a whole host of problems. 

With many actors returning to voice the characters, including Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, it is easy to reconnect with them. Timberlake has also reunited with his NSYNC band members to make a soundtrack smash.

Coming in at just under two hours, the film is out just in time for half term and the big Christmas toy rush. Having seen how much these characters are loved it is certain that they will be on every wish list this year. 

Trolls Band Together has given the franchise the ultimate revival. Be prepared for many more to come. In a very good way I must say! 

Overall, my reporters loved the film and couldn’t wait to tell me everything about it. From the fun innocent nature to a surprising kiss, they couldn’t contain their joy. Giving me every reason to rate it…

4 Stars

Thank you so much to Universal and Freuds for allowing us to attend the screening and fun in the foyer event. It was a blast!

Joey X

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