Infinity Clay Will Have You Going Potty For Their Festive Kits!


Hey Lovelies,

Years ago lovelies, I took part in a pottery course. As a segment to my therapy sessions at Mind in Hertford, I was kindly allowed to go and spend a number of weeks learning clay based skills. All of which leading to pots and even a basket being made. Items I am still very proud of! 

Over the last few months, I have been getting a sense to try pottery again. However, with the cost of living rising, I couldn’t really afford to go back into a course. Yet, there was a huge silver lining. Kits for making items at home. 

After asking people to help me with this year’s festive content on the blog, I was kindly offered the chance to try the Infinity Clay Handmade Christmas Decorations Mini Box set. Yet, there was nothing small about it. 

Full to the brim with goodies, the kit included instructions, clay, paints, tools, canvas, moulds and varnish. As well as a handy case to keep all of the items in. There was literally nothing else I needed. 

Easily placing the clay into the moulds, I was quick to start work on making the decorations for my little tree. Whilst I don’t have it out yet, I am in desperate need of some decorations and I loved the idea of these being personalised and made by my family as well. 

When the clay had been moulded to the right shapes we all wanted, we used the guidelines and placed them out into the air at room temperature to dry. We were advised that they could shrink, so we made the models a little bit bigger. A few days later, we knew they were ready due to them changing colour. 

Carefully removing them from our chosen shapes, we then set about painting the items. It was a real bonding moment for me and my mum. We found it so relaxing and I felt like I did back when I was on my course. Again leaving the paint to dry, we went back a few hours later and used the varnish to coat them. 

Both myself and my mum were so happy with our finished results. I felt like I did when I was on my course and loved how creative I could be. There was a feeling of freedom making these items. A fact I absolutely loved. 

At £19.45, it is a lot cheaper than many kits on the market for what you get. I have had my love of pottery and clay making reborn. Something I am so pleased about. This Christmas, I couldn’t recommend getting this set enough. Whether you do it alone or as a family, it can save money and time, whilst providing a real bonding moment for all involved. Definitely a real winner for me! 

Joey X

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