Tracklements Have Made The Perfect Festive Chutney!


Hey Lovelies, 

Autumn is officially upon us and that means the shops are stocking up on lots of festive fancies! The next few months are my absolute favourites and I can’t wait to get the house decorated and the cupboards stocked up for parties and guests! 

One thing that my mum always buys herself at Christmas is a chutney. Not a plain one or an ordinary chutney. Oh no! A fancy one that comes out for her annual cheeseboard and leftover sandwiches. Kindly, I was gifted a special edition find from Tracklements that could be the big winner this year. 

Full of Bramley apples, damsons and Scottish blackberries, the brand’s English Hedgerow Chutney, is a pure delight of tangy and sweet tastes. Perfect with cheese or meats, including pork cuts, my mum was happy to say the least to put it to the test. 

Taking out her cheese box, she started first with a small spoonful on a slice of plain cheddar. Instantly, she said the apple tastes came through perfectly with the cheese and she couldn’t wait to them place it into a sandwich. Another winner in her eyes. 

Later that day, my mum tried the chutney again. This time on her sausages. After roasting them in the over, she placed a large dollop of the chutney onto the sausages. 

Oozing over them, she said again that the apple was perfect with the pork. However, she said that the juicy plum and blackberries added a great extra kick for the dish. 

Mum wasn’t ready to cook her Christmas turkey just yet, although, she did say that she could see the Chutney being great on Boxing Day. Placed on top of the leftovers that she loves to make a sandwich with. She was quick to add though that it would just be her sandwiches that the chutney would be going in as it was so special to her. 

Priced at £4, this limited edition chutney is a perfect feature to add to any festive party or grazing table. As well as classic family dinners or dishes. Tracklements have made a product that I am certain my mum will be stocking up on now. She won’t want that going anywhere soon! To find out more about it or to give it a go, head to their website lovelies. My mum is on there right now, I am certain of it aha! 

Joey X

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