Use Up Your Pumpkins and More With The Brilliant Microplane XL Peeler


Good Morning Lovelies, 

When you peel fruit and vegetables, do you use the old school knife method or an actual peeler? I’m a peeler person, yet my mum is a knife peeling person. For me, it is a lot easier, but my mum finds that when it comes to time, she can be quicker, as she finds the peelers too small to do the jobs she needs. 

Thankfully though, Microplane have created something that might make me able to change her mind. Fresh from their newest range, the Microplane Professional XL Peeler, has been created to peel the toughest of fruit and vegetables. 

Claiming to be able to get through pumpkins, melons and even as a cheese slicer, the peeler is massive. Something that made every claim seem possible to me. Yet, I couldn’t write this review without testing it out! 

With pumpkin season in full swing, I was ready and armed to make a batch of pumpkin soup, if the peeler worked. However, I decided to go with something a little smaller first. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of butternut squash, yet, due to my condition I really struggle to cut and peel them. 

My mum hates having to prep them for me though, disliking the feel of them in every possible way. Being the star that she is, she does it for me, even if she swears along the way. Handing her this peeler, I told her that I hoped it took away some of the pain. 

Placing it on the very top of the butternut, she made quick work of peeling the entire thing. No knife peeling in sight. Impressed was an understatement when I saw how she reacted at the end of the peeling process. With hardly any mess, unlike normal, she was able to save time, energy and bad words to make the perfect butternut mash. 

The peeler also claimed to help shred lettuces and cabbages. When it came to her making a salad later in the week, she used the peeler again, without me knowing, to see if it really did work. What followed was a call for me to come to the kitchen to see how good the lettuce had come out. Picture the crisp lettuce you find at a restaurant, it was that good. 

We did face one problem with the peeler though. It was so big that it didn’t fit into our drawer slots aha! It is now in amongst our spoons on the side. However, this is actually a bit of a winner for the peeler in some ways, due to people pointing it out. They can’t quite believe its size. 

Overall, the Microplane XL Peeler is a huge winner in our home. With pumpkin season in full swing and Christmas coming up, a time when lots of spuds and vegetables get used, this will help save time and effort. All whilst leaving you with beautiful products and hardly any mess. 

Even I can use it lovely, which has made me feel a bit less useless in the kitchen. You will honestly love it as much as we did lovelies, I promise, so have a look out for it and snap one up if you can! 

Joey X

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