My October/Fall 2023 Food Finds


Hey Lovelies, 

Normally, I like to share with you all my top food finds each month. Today, I am doing just that with a bit of a twist! I thought it would be fun, as we run into Halloween, to share what spooky delights I have been trying to celebrate the scary season. 

My five favourite fall food experiences have to include the following: 

Haribo Halloween Themed Mini Bags: I spotted this mini bag selection ages ago. Priced at around £4, I was a little worried about them, due to the cost and thinking about whether I would be able to eat them or not. It would have been a lot of money to waste if I couldn’t. Thankfully, with the help of my mum, I did it! And whilst they were spooky, I rid my house of the ghouls that held me back from them to enjoy the little sweets inside. 

Rowse British Honey: I’ve had this honey in my cupboard for a long time. Yet, I hadn’t ever felt ready to have it. This changed though, as I bravely opened it to have on top of my cereals lovelies. It is quite thick compared to the other Rowse honeys I have had, however, its rich flavour is perfect in warm milk. 

Bulgur Wheat Fruit Bake: I call this a bake, but it isn’t really lovely. With a bulgur wheat base, apple slices, scattered chopped raspberries and strawberry conserve, this sweet dish brings me a lot of joy. Layered like a lasagne, I like to warm this up in the microwave and enjoy on a cold night. 

Tesco’s Multigrain Hoops: I have wanted to have Cheerios for a long time. However, I just can’t do it. I used to love them as a kid for breakfast, yet now, they scare me so much. I came up with a solution though. After seeing someone enjoying them as a snack, I decided to change up my usual Iced Gem biscuit snack and have these instead. I even put some apricot conserve on them. They are just as good as I remember!

Aldi’s Strawberry Conserve: I’ve been having their apricot conserve for a while now with a bagel, but this is perfect. For a long time, I have been craving a jam sandwich. Like when I was small. However, I just can’t do it. Yet, after a bit of research, I found that many have sweet versions of bulgur wheat. So, I decided to try it in a baked bulgur wheat dish, as mentioned above, and it was fabulous. Plus, you can really taste the real strawberries.

What did you discover food wise this October lovelies? And how much Halloween goodness do you still have to enjoy?

Joey X

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