My Favourite Things From October 2023!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

I’m officially excited because we are now getting into the special months of the year! The ones with the big celebrations! Having this excitement inside of me inspired me a lot with my favourites from the past month and I wanted to share them with you all…

My Favourite Read - The Therapy Crouch by Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch: I binged this book hard! Upon it arriving on my doorstep, it took me less than a day to read. I love the podcast these two do and this book is just as good. It made me feel so good inside and was super cosy too. A great read to snuggle up with and then share with everyone you know!

My Favourite TV Show - Jersey Shore: Family Vacation: Many of you will know by now that I love Jersey Shore and will often find a month of the each year to spend binging it again and again. October was that month. I can’t wait for more episodes to come out! 

My Favourite Food Find - Bulgur Wheat Fruit Bake: I had never heard of something like this before, especially when it come to using bulgur wheat, but I am obsessed now. Quick to do and with only a few ingredients, I love the mixture of the sweet jam and fruits infused into the bulgur wheat. Odd yes, but sooooo good! 

My Favourite Beauty Item - BOSS Alive Intense by Hugo Boss Perfume: My mum treated me to this amazing perfume, after we found it for £6 in our local Superdrug. I can’t get over how gorgeous it is and the fact that I paid 10% of its normal price is amazing. Winner winner!

My Favourite Podcast - The Trial of Lucy Letby: This is not something I would normally find myself listening to. However, upon hearing about the outcome of the case, I found this podcast and it is incredibly interesting. Upsetting a lot of the time, but also insightful, you realise just how much the media missed out and what Letby really did in an honest way. 

My Favourite Experience - Halloween: You all know me by now to know that I bloody love Halloween. I love decorating my house, buying items for the trick or treaters and watching spooky shows and films. It is one of the best times of the year and 2023 did not disappoint with its celebrations! 

What were your favourite things from October lovelies? 

Joey X

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