The Piglet’s Pantry Afternoon Tea Is Pure Perfection!


Morning Lovelies, 

Back in early September, my mum used a gift voucher I brought her from BuyaGift to get an afternoon tea delivered. For years, I had heard about Piglet’s Pantry, having looked them to see what products my mum may have liked one Christmas. Yet, I ended up buying her something else instead. 

Through the voucher though, my mum finally got to try them. Extremely easy to order from, Piglet’s Pantry offered free delivery with the voucher and kept us updated every step of the way. From the moment it was on the courier to being in my home, the customer service was fab. 

When using the voucher, I had chosen the classic Afternoon Tea For Two package. This one being the meat one, although a vegetarian one is also available. Filled with pies, pastries, cakes and the classic scones, with jam and clotted cream, the box was rammed full of delights. 

With my mum getting the box delivered there was only her who would be eating it. She decided to split the items up and have them over a number of days because of this. A great factor of the products though is that they can be frozen as well. Literally nothing goes to waste! Plus, you can also warm them back up too with handy instructions provided.

Taking out a few items from the box, my mum decided to have them as a picky tea. Perfect for when the weather had still been warm. Cutting the sausage rolls in half, enjoying a huge scotch egg and a miniature ham hock and cheddar cheese quiche, all warmed up for around 10 minutes, she added a few more picnic like pieces to her dish to complete it. 

My mum has a very big savoury tooth and each item she stated was great. She loved the convenience of having a service like this on hand and stated that she may get one to have as her buffet type meal over Christmas. Priced normally at £32.50, it is also a fantastic price, especially if you were to split that cost between two people. However, even if you only brought it for yourself, being able to freeze or have more than one meal also makes it super affordable. 

Creating teas for all the different seasons, Piglet’s Pantry is fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like them before. If I ever got my mum another tea from somewhere else, they would really have to impress us now. 

I wanted to share this post lovelies because I know how hard it can sometimes to find the right place. Piglet’s Pantry have a team that goes above and beyond. Providing care and attention it seems to every single stage of the process. For that they deserve to be celebrated! Bring on the next afternoon tea box I say! 

Joey X

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