Meet The Newest Buddy In Town This Christmas Thanks To Sensory Retreats


Good Morning Lovelies,

When I say Buddy the Elf, who do you think of? If you are like me then you probably thought of the famous Will Ferrell character first. However, there is a new Buddy in town!

Not so much of an elf, Buddy is in fact a cute as a button dog! One that is about to make bedtimes a whole lot more fun in your house. Created to celebrate my favourite time of year, the people at Sensory Retreats have made the festive treat box to end all other treat boxes.

Perfect for the big lead up or as a Christmas Eve box, the Buddy's Christmas Treat Box is filled to the brim with goodies that everyone in the family can enjoy. Upon opening the sliding drawer and unwrapping the scented paper, the magical world of Elfland comes to life.

Instantly, you are greeted by Buddy the Dog. Super soft and cuddly, he is the dog to help you on your way through Elfland and the treats inside it. Made to help provide all the entertainment needed for a fun Christmas evening, the box includes, an interactive clue game, an activity booklet, The Lost Wish book and some Elf Eyes self-heating eye masks that will take you from fun adventures to perfect wind downs. Oh and of course Buddy!

I was so amazed at what was inside the box when I first revealed it lovelies. I had come to learn of the brand Sensory Retreats at last year’s Big Christmas Press Show, however, when I was kindly gifted some elf masks and a copy of the book, yet, they really stepped it up this year.

The box is perfect for all year round, especially the clue game and book. Though there is something so charming about the Christmas element surrounding it. I honestly would have lost my mind if I had been given this as a child.

Priced at £59, it may seem a bit expensive, but you do get everything and more included. The book comes in a print and audiobook format. The activity booklet has something fun to do for the whole of Christmas. It even includes pencils to help little ones colour in. I loved the charming Buddy, something that is so much better than the demon Elf on a Shelf!

Ultimately, the Buddy’s Christmas a treat Box is the most epic Christmas themed box I have ever laid eyes on. At 28 years of age, I want one every year now from my mum. Hell, I will even buy one for myself! The eye masks helped me to go to sleep quickly and the book is so charming that I have gifted a copy to my neighbours to share. It is pure perfection in every single way.

To find out more about the box or the brand, which also has some amazing treatments for adults too, head to the Sensory Retreats Elfland themed page. You will fall in love with the gifts as soon as your eyes and hands land on it lovelies. I promise you!

I honestly can’t thank Sensory Retreats enough for gifting time this item, it made my day and festive heart come alive like the lights on the Christmas tree!

Joey X

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