Hobbycraft Have Everything You Need For Your Halloween Party This Year!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Now, you all know that this is my time of the year! I open my door wide and let the fall months fly in. Seeing an orange leaf on the crowd makes me sing and dance like I am in a Disney film. Halloween decor abound, I am here for it! 

There so, when I got the chance to work with Hobbycraft to celebrate their new autumn range, I jumped on it. Full of craft creations and haunted party pieces, the shop has everything you could want to make your home come alive this spooky season. 

Gathering up the best bits, I have found the products from their new range that you must buy to decorate your home! Honestly, they are so cute, affordable and frightening all at once that you won’t be able to leave them behind. Host the ultimate party with these beauties…

Spider Leg Basket, £1: At only £1, you can get multiple ones of these to decorate your home. Place fruit, sweets or other delicious nibbles this year to make your party pop. Just watch out that those legs don’t run off with the goods. 

Halloween Treat Bags, £3: For a pack of 12, these bags will make sure that the special trick or treaters in your life have plenty of sweet treats to tuck into. Great for giving out as a little party bag at the end of the night. 

Halloween Party Cups, £2: You can’t set the table without having the right items on it. This includes these lovely orange ghostly cups, perfect for big or small hands. Honestly, I loved the cute design so much I didn’t want to use them, however, a pop of orange juice made them shine even more. 

Spooky Ghost Paper Napkins, £2: Great to go with the cups, they also made the table come alive. Ghostly but definitely not ghoulish. 

Plush Pumpkins, From £1 to £5: Whether you are looking for big or small pumpkins to decorate your home, Hobbycraft have a huge range. Including these plush coloured designs. I loved so many of them, but went with a big orange one and a green, plum and white small sized selection to go alongside it. They now look perfect in my house and will last way longer than a real one would. 

LED Neon Pumpkin Light, £5: Let trick or treaters know you are celebrating with this neon light that would look perfect in your window. You can happily replace a real one knowing that this doesn’t involve any carving or mess. Plus, it is a great way to display if you have any sweets or not, as you could have it on if you do and turn it off when you run out. 

White Ghost Piñata, £7: Is it even a celebration if a piñata isn’t involved? Fill this Casper up with all kinds of chocolates, sweets and little toys before letting the family and your friends go wild on it. Any nightmares that occur are not my fault aha!

Skeleton Fancy Dress Bunting, £3: Did you ever have those paper dolls that you could dress up when you were little? Well now you can dress up this skeleton themed bunting. From Victorian designs to modern marvels, there is an outfit for every skeleton out there.

Skeleton Drinking Jars, £2: Great to keep spills at bay or to help distinguish whose drink is whose, use these jars to keep your drinks safe and secure. You could even buy these and fill them with sweets to give out to little ones. 

Skull Drinks Dispenser, £9: Make a powerful punch that will go straight to this guys head by using this funky themed dispenser. Big enough for endless glasses, it will make any party table pop. I might even get it out at Christmas too. I can pop a Santa’s hat on it right?!? 

Whether you are going out or staying in, there really is no reason why you can’t decorate your home this Halloween for less! Hobbycraft have such an amazing range and when the spooky season is this good, I honestly can’t wait to see what their Christmas one is like. My home came alive with these items and I know yours will to! Head to their website to find even more fall goodies to pick from lovelies! You will love each and every bit of the collection! 

Joey X

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