Craving Something? Go and Enjoy It Now!


Hey Lovelies,

Have you ever been somewhere or doing something and had the oddest of cravings? Due to my ED, it isn’t often that I find myself craving foods. Yet, I had the oddest one the other day.

Ever since I was little, I can remember not really liking the icing on the top of a child’s birthday cake. The kind that was always so sickly sweet, super white and smelt of pure sugar. When I was younger, I would actually take the icing off and give it to my dad after unwrapping the cake piece found inside a party bag. 

Yet, I really wanted some whilst out the other day. It was a craving that came literally out of nowhere. I was near no cakes. I didn’t even want the cake. I don’t really like cake, unless it is a fruit one, so the way this feeling came to be was a shock. 

However, it got me thinking, where do these random urges and cravings come from? You hear of pregnant women seeking out certain foods. You hear of people asking others what they are craving or fancy eating when trying to find a place when out and about. You can even crave items or products that you simply must have. But where does it all come from? 

It’s such an odd feeling. Unlike anything most of us feel or think about day to day. Do we really want what we crave? Will it be as good as we think? I honestly don’t know, but it is so interesting to think that our minds make our hearts and bodies want something so much that we start to seek it out. 

I believe it comes down to the hunter/gatherer in us all from way back when. They obviously wanted something and many times would fight for it. There so, whilst I haven’t brought a random birthday cake to enjoy the icing off of, because I don’t think I would really like it still, if you truly want something I think you should go and enjoy it. 

We don’t often get these little urges or pleasures in life, so when your mind and heart give you the urge to have them, do it! My mind is all over the place with food, yet when I have a craving to go buy some LEGO, I go for it. When I crave the scent of a candle in my home, after smelling it, I  buy it. Life is too short to resist the odd cravings we have. 

Today, I want you to take whatever you are craving, within reason and safety wise, and enjoy it lovelies! You truly deserve it! 

Joey X

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