My Favourite Things From September 2023!


Hey Lovelies,

September is one of my favourite months of the year! It’s a time when everything feels fresh. The new school year begins. Autumn starts to appear. The festive celebration preparations begin. Oh, I simply love it. Honestly, I think that from September until January I truly come alive, so be prepared for all kinds of fun. 

This month, I found myself enjoying lots of random things. Yet, all of them made my life so much better. These included…

My Favourite Book - Magazines: September is the one time of the year where I try to buy or read as many magazines as possible. The September issues are the best ones, apart from the Christmas features, which makes them all readable. Whether it be food, fashion or films, I will make sure to enjoy them all. 

My Favourite TV Show - At Home With The Fury’s: I love me a reality TV show and this new one from boxer Tyson Fury and his family hooked me in. I hope that they release another because it was so addictive. Paris Fury is my new hero!

My Favourite Food Find - Melon: At the end of August and well into September, I fell in love with melon again. Selecting the already chopped fingers from Tesco’s to prevent waste, I have these everyday now. I’m so proud of myself for conquering this fear.

My Favourite Beauty Item - EarCalm: Okay, so not super glamorous, but I was suffering a lot from head pressure, vertigo, a temperature and nausea a lot at the start of the month. Add in my anxiety about all the symptoms and I was a bit of a mess. After medical advice and research, I found this over the counter product and it saved me so much. In a matter of days my ear cleared up. There was no residue and I could hear better again. For around £6.50, it was cheaper than a prescription too.

My Favourite Podcast - The Meatball Pod: Jersey Shore’s Deena and Snooki have started their own podcast, which is truly perfect. Telling us all inside secrets about the show and how it is made, I have such a huge amount of respect for the cast now. Plus, I love how honest these two have always been. This podcast has made watching the show even better in my eyes.

My Favourite Experience: This month I finally headed back into London. My love affair began with the city when I went to university there. It then grew when I started my dream job in Covent Garden. Now when I go back into central London, I find myself being enchanted by it all over again. London never change! 

What was your favourite thing about the month of September lovelies? 

Joey X

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