Microplane’s Ginger Tool Will Make Baking A Breeze!


Hey Lovelies, 

Normally, I’m a bit of a sucker for prepared ginger. Often using the powder or puréed form, I get mine off the shelves nine times out of ten. Yet, there is something super special about having fresh ginger in a gingerbread mix. Especially when it comes to Christmas. 

However, when faced with ginger, I don’t know much about how to prepare it or what really to do with it. So, when I was asked if I would like some help by Microplane, I instantly said yes. 

Upon arrival, I was amazed at the sleek and inventive design. Super light but with all the shine you would expert, the Microplane Ginger Tool is a three in one gadget that makes peeling, grating and cutting fresh ginger a breeze. 

With a sturdy rubber end and an easy to grip handle, I took my fresh ginger and decided to give the slicer the first big test. Much like a mandolin slicer, this was quick and easy to do. Whilst I was a little worried I would cut myself, as I am super clumsy, on the smaller blade, I actually found that my hands didn’t go anywhere near it. All I felt were the sleek pieces of ginger that came off it. 

Impressed so far, I moved onto the grater next. This is what I was most interested in using, knowing that it would be this part I would use the most when making gingerbread men at Christmas. 

Holding onto the tool and the ginger, it was again a smooth and easy piece of kit to use. The grater took no time at all to make a large amount of fine ginger that I could easily place into a mixture. 

The hidden but key third feature was the peeler. If you weren’t looking closely, you would wonder where the peeler actually was. Placed onto the side of the tool, it is a little hard to see, yet, when you use it you definitely don’t miss it. It is a small but mighty feature, taking the skin off the ginger in no time at all. 

Overall, I was really impressed with the tool and will definitely be using it again. In fact, I know that I will be using it on other foods as well when baking or cooking. I can’t wait to put the tool to the test at Christmas in fact, because it means that I can make quick gingerbread presents easily. Something I know my neighbours will like. 

Ginger isn’t a normal kitchen staple, but it might just become one now! 

Joey X

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