New Foods and Brands I Discovered in August 2023


Hey Lovelies, 

Where has the hot weather gone? It seems like summer came and went in a flash. I have struggled therefore to make a lot of changes to my meals, as I really don’t know what temperature to be eating for. Yet, I did discover some new brands and foods, which I wanted to share with you all. 

Hopefully next month there will be more, but for now, these are my top five from August…

Twister Mini Ice Lollies: Okay, so the British weather may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy an ice lolly! After trying Rocket ones at my brother’s in July, I have branched out and found an old faithful. I’ve always loved a Twister and I’m so pleased with myself that I haven’t let me ED win and had these again. They are the perfect afternoon snack.

Tesco 0% Fat Greek Yogurt: Usually I like to buy the pots of Activia type yogurts from Aldi. In fact, I do still get them. Yet, I was speaking to my mum about how much I loved natural and Greek yogurts before my ED. Therefore, we had a look around and found this one. I’ve had it a few times now with some fruit, as a snack, and it is really creamy without being too sweet. I think it would also be great on cereals, however, I haven’t been brave enough to try that yet. 

Golden Nuggets Cereal: I have been a fan of Golden Nuggets since I was little. My mum used to have to buy our family loads of boxes, as me and my brother Gio could eat them all day. I had gotten scared of them again though, meaning I stopped eating them. A few weeks ago, I poured them in a bowl though and enjoyed them for the first time in ages. You simply can’t beat a classic! Also, it was a huge fuck you to my ED!

Purple Sprouting Broccoli: For a long time I was having asparagus. However, I found myself struggling with it, due to me getting bored of it but not knowing what to change it up with. Seeing this in Aldi, I decided to try and bring it into one of my meals and really enjoyed it when I did. Perfect with sweet potato, it really does brighten up a meal. 

Red Cabbage: Steamed or raw, I simply adore red cabbage. After becoming scared of the vegetable again, I have been having it with some sauce and courgetti on a Sunday night and I really love it. Although, I have to admit, I don’t love how much it dyes your hands aha! 

New Food Brand I’ve Found: Dawtona Reduced Sugar and Salt Ketchup: I don’t really like the taste of ketchups that are super sweet. Yet, this one in Aldi is perfect! It has a gorgeous fresh tomato taste and is perfect on top of all sorts, especially the shepherds pie my mum makes me. Plus, it doesn’t come out to runny like over reduced ketchups do. I pick this one up in Aldi lovelies. 

What new foods or brands have you discovered this month lovelies?

Joey X

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