My August 2023 Monthly Favourites


Hey Lovelies,

August was a bit of a washout month in lots of ways. Things were funny with my family. The weather didn’t know what to do. Plus, it was a bit of an emotional one, as I found my inner autumn mode getting ready to burst out a lot of the time! 

As we prepare to head into September, the month I considered to have the actually new year date within it, I’m excited. I am ready to decorate for Halloween and Christmas. I’m ready to embrace the new diary I’ve brought. I’m looking forward to making plans for the festive occasions. I’m about to be reborn people! 

However, before all of that, I wanted to share my favourite things from the month of August. These all helped me a lot to get through what was a wet and wild time…

My Favourite Book - Talking at Night by Claire Daverley: I got this book for my birthday, after being intrigued by the cover. Inside the pages was a beautiful love story that will give you all the feels. Definitely enjoy it with a bowl of cereal like on the cover. 

My Favourite TV Show - The Bear: After Love Island finished, I found myself with more time in the evenings to settle down and catch up on all the TV I had missed. The Bear is hands down one of my favourite shows. The second series was equally and better than the first with beautiful shots, scripts and casting throughout. 

My Favourite Movie - Barbie: Okay, so it came out in July, but it is still the best film I have seen in ages. The Kenergy is strong within me. Honestly, I didn’t think I could love Ryan Gosling anymore than I do right now. 

My Favourite Food Find - Twister Ice Lollies: I have tried to keep the magic of summer alive in my life. Whilst I often run 100% cold most of the time, I will not let bad circulation and cold weather stop me from having these. I adore the red ones best! Are you a green or a red Twister fan? 

My Favourite Beauty Item - Sanctuary Spa Signature Collection Wet Skin Miracle Moisturiser: Ages ago I used to use the Nivea in shower moisturiser. Yet, oddly I can’t find it anywhere now. Thankfully, the gods at Sanctuary have answered my prayers with this creation. Simply placed onto skin, before you dry, it soaks in beautifully to leave super smooth skin. 

My Favourite Podcast - The Katie Price Show: Growing up in the 00s everyone was obsessed with Katie Price and Peter Andre. I will admit that the love did go away as I grew up, but Katie’s new podcast with her sister Sophie is fantastic. I love how down to earth and normal both of them appear. From chats about roast dinners to their mum’s health, I binged the first six episodes in two days! I am hooked! 

My Favourite August Experience - Meeting New People: Most of the time I really struggle to make connections with people. I worry that they or I may say something that will upset my conditions. However, from the start of August, I have begun working on meeting new people. From a fellow book lover at the library to online connections within my therapy group, I have been branching out more. Making new friends and connections has warmed my soul this month. 

What were your favourite things about the month of August? Let me know! 

Joey X 

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