Back To School Nostalgia Week! The Top Five Things Every School Did…


Hey Lovelies,

Going back to school is currently at the top of many people’s minds. Whether you are a student or a parent of one, it is a scary time. However, on a recent walk, I decided to go past both of my old ones. An act that made me feel really nostalgic!

Whilst I suffered from a terrible amount of bullying at secondary school, I can honestly say that I actually loved school. I was interested in a lot of lessons. Even the ones where the teachers didn’t think I would get very far. I adored my friendship groups. I was so happy! Maybe not all the time, but I simply loved getting up, going to school and knowing that I was going to see all of my mates, before spending the weekends with them. 

However, for me, school wasn’t just about friends. It was about the memories that it made. The weird and wonderful things that we used to do whilst there. Got PE that day? Don’t forget to bring your Jane Norman bag filled kit! Sitting at a desk? Well never swing back on your chair because there was someone else who did it once and fell back and cracked their head open! 

The stories and objects from school are a key part of life and growing up. There so, I felt it was only right to spend the week before most people go back celebrating the memories. Including these five beauties…

Updating Your MySpace, Bebo or Facebook Profiles: Before you could even start the new year at school, you had to make sure that all of your profiles were up to date. Everyone had to know who your top friends and group for each year would be!

Need A New Ringtone? Let Me Bluetooth You One: Whether you had a Blackberry or the Nokia Pebble, everyone had to have the latest ringtones. Instead of getting trapped into the pay monthly ringtone services, it was always best to Bluetooth them off your friends instead. If you had enough memory of course. 

Do Your Top Button Up and Make Your Skirt Longer: Boys always had to have their ties a certain length, whilst us girls had to make sure our skirts were knee length. God forbid if you didn’t do this! 

Pizza and Chips Friday: Forget fish and chip Friday! School dinners were always about the square pizza and chips on a Friday. If you were lucky enough, you could also grab a side of beans to go with it! Oh and a classic Appletiser to wash it down with. 

Get Home For MSN Time: Need to make big weekend plans? Want to see if your crush is online? Forget your phones, the 00s were all about rushing home from school and chatting to the people you were just with on MSN Messenger. If they arrived late, you could nudge until your heart was content. Ahhh the good old days! 

What do you remember doing during your time at school? I miss MSN Messenger I have to admit aha! 

Joey X

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