Back To School Week: The Classic School Dinners You All Loved


Hey Lovelies,

Lunchtime at school was always a firm favourite of mine! I loved that 40 minutes of time where you could sit and talk to your friends. Muck about in the school hall, play ground or field and make plans for the weekend. Yet, it was also the greatest time, especially when I was in primary school for food! 

Yes, I know it may seem a little strange to say that with my ED, but honestly, when I was at primary school I loved the meals we got. Classic square pizza and chips on a Friday. Arctic Roll and jelly at Christmas. The beautiful rice pudding with a dollop of jam or chocolate spread in the middle. Oh, they were all so good! 

There so, I couldn’t host a back to school week without mentioning some of the biggest winners from you. A few weeks ago, I asked for your answers and you truly brought back a lot of memories! Here are the delicious dishes that made your school dinner memories special…

Gio Tamburello (My Brother): “Bakewell cake or chocolate cake with strawberry custard!”

Casey Lennard: “A roast dinner with jam sponge!”

My Mum Jane: “Swiss eggs with potatoes and vegetables!”

Alexa Kennedy Taylor: “Chocolate cake with pink custard”

Margaret Church: “Shepherds Pie!”

Florence Grosse: “Semolina and brown sugar!”

Sarah Jane Banks: “Semolina and grated chocolate!”

Mandy Garner: “Corned beef, crinkle cut chips and baked beans!”

Adrian Pereira: “Sausage, chips and beans, followed with chocolate cake covered in chocolate custard/sauce!”

Laura Hadley-Stayte: “Chocolate sponge and mint custard!”

Amanda Monk Livings: “Cornflake pie and custard!”

Nicola O’Mara: “Chips and gravy!”

There is a huge mixture here and I’m not sure about all of them! Yet, it was fun to hear what you all had to say. I will be sure to add in anymore I get, as they have brought up some huge memories! 

What do you remember enjoying at lunchtime at school lovelies?

Joey X

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