Tracklements Have Made The Ultimate Summer Chutney This Year!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With the summer upon us and the supermarkets filling up with new items to add to picnics and BBQs, the condiments aisle can be forgotten. However, it is time to forget the ketchups and the mustards, because a new chutney is in town. One that is going to spice up your life for sure! 

Created by Tracklements, the team have made a rhubarb and ginger chutney, which is perfect with cheese, duck and even pate! Kindly, the group sent me one to try and when you live with a mum who is a huge fan of chutneys, who was I to say no. 

Upon the chutney arriving, I wanted to make sure that my mum got the full flavour first. Using a plain cracker, I placed a teaspoon amount on it straight from the jar. Instantly I could smell the gorgeous ginger scent and knew my mum would be a fan. Something she definitely was! 

Placing the cracker into her mouth, she moaned at the taste, before stating that it would work perfectly in a pork based burger or drizzled onto a kofta kebab. With plenty of cheese in our home, she then reached for a piece of cheddar and brie to try it on them. 

She found that by mixing it with the salty taste of the brie she got a taste explosion. The rhubarb was perfectly sweet, but the added ginger made it tangy enough to remain savoury, making it perfect for many dishes or sides. 

Neither of us had ever used or tried Tracklements before. Having seen them in the shops before, but never picking one up, I can safely say that they have changed our views on chutneys. 

No longer will my family be going for the normal flavours. We will be delving into new, more vibrant, kinds. I already know that picnics and BBQs in our house will never be the same again now! 

Check out Tracklements website lovelies to find out more about the new flavour or to discover what else they have available. From jams to marmalades, they really have it all. Plus, prices start at around £2.50, so you get great quality products for a brilliant price. It’s truly the sauce on top of a great sandwich! 

Joey X

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