Oral B Densify Decay Control Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

If you are like me then you will love to wake up to a minty fresh breath. One that has lasted all through the night after cleaning your death the day before. Well, luckily, Oral B, my toothpaste brand of choice, have made a new kind that does just that. All whilst looking after your whole mouth too. 

As part of a project group, I was kindly gifted two tubes of the new Densify Decay Control kind. One for me and another for my mum to try. Over a few days and nights, we put the product to the test and even though it comes in at £10 a tube, I honestly might never go back to another kind. 

The toothpaste has a great refreshing taste that lasts long after eating and drinking, whilst also tackling issues such as sensitivity and staining. I felt like my mouth was being truly looked after. As did my mum, who started trying her tube a day after she had had to have a new crown fitted. 

Together we adored the bottles easy flow and access, with the two of agreeing that it worked like a charm. We could see and feel a difference within only a few days. Something that was super nice to experience, after some failed tries recently. 

Ultimate Oral B Densify Decay Control is a hidden but soon to be massive bathroom gem. There is a sense of power from it that will help to beat other brands away. A true powerhouse of a brand and a product in my opinion lovelies! You should definitely try it if you can find it on special offer, which is when I will stocking up on it! 

What toothpaste is your chosen brand? 

Joey X

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