Kipling and Barbie Have Made The Perfect Pink Collaboration This Summer!


Good Morning Lovelies,

As many of you know, I am a huge, GIANT, fan of Barbie. I always have been! When I was little, I would watch the Barbie films again and again. I was lucky enough to own the Barbie Dreamhouse and a smaller home too. I had the Barbie car, though I never owned the plane I dreamed of. As well, I also had a Barbie that had babies. I was that involved in the whole thing. 

Whilst the dolls have sadly now departed my home, my love for Barbie has never gone. Slowly, little things are making their way into my room and house that show this. Shopping bags. LEGO like figures and modelling kits. Clothing and more. However, I am yet to own what I am about to talk about. Something that I may just have to invest in. 

To celebrate the release of the new film this week, Kipling has teamed up with Barbie to make a collection that is simply perfect. In every pink way! Made up of eight bags and two accessories, each bright designs and creation is simply pure magic. 

Instead of the classic Kipling letting, bags will come with a very realistic Barbie doll design. However, don’t fear, because of you are fan of the Kipling Monkey than he has had a pink makeover too. 

Prices range from between £24 to £129, which is great for a designer purchase. So, if you want to make an impact and share your love of Barbie like me, it is time to snap one up. You will not be disappointed lovelies! Simply head to their website now to see what I mean! 

Are you a Barbie girl like me? How will you be sharing your love of the doll and the new film this summer? 

Joey X

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