Kenergy Activated! Celebrate The Iconic Doll During Barbie Week WIth These Finds...


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Do you ever have a character that you just get when watching a film or TV show? Or even when you played with toys? Well, for me it was always Ken. Since Toy Story 3, I have felt for him. It may have even been earlier than that. Anyone else remember when he got dumped and a new doll was introduced? 

He is a character who shouldn’t be left behind. He brings good vibes, outfits and a whole host of positivity. Especially when it comes to the new vibes that Ryan Gosling is giving as the latest version of the character. My hero! 

Therefore, as we head into the second day of Barbie week on the blog, I am giving you the ultimate items to celebrate Ken! He truly deserves us all to mark his moment on screen with these finds…

Not Just Arm Candy Ken T-Shirt, £18, Oasis: This shirt is perfect for all! Stating the truth that Ken is a doll for all and not just to be used as arm candy, it is a shirt to be proud of. Plus, the colour of it is great for summer. 

Barbie The Movie Ken Doll with Surfboard, £45, Amazon: The first of two dolls released to mark the film, there is something about this one that is true summer vibes. Ken is the ultimate beach boy and this doll captures it perfectly. Surfs up!

Barbie The Movie Ken Neon Button-Up Shirt, £12, Primark: Have you seen the shots of Ryan Gosling roller skating around the beach in a very vibrant get up? Well, that can now be you thanks to Primark. I brought this and wore it on my birthday recently to give me good vibes. It is truly perfect in every way. Soft, cosy and light for those hot days, use it all year to bring some light into your life. 

Ken All Over Print Barbie T-Shirt from Cakeworthy, £32.99, Truffle Shuffle: Heading into the cinema with this beauty on will make sure that everyone knows who you are turning up for. Forget Barbie, it is all about this beauty!

Barbie The Movie Collectible Ken Doll Wearing All-Denim Outfit, £64.98, Amazon: Okay, this is an investment, but it is totally worth it. It is the doll that is giving off the most Kenergy. It is the doll to celebrate the character and the film in full. He even has Ken branded boxers. You get it aha! This is a must-have for me, having made its way onto the top of my wishlist. Fingers crossed someone gets me this for Christmas!

Ken is incredible and I honestly won’t have anyone say a bad word about him! Plus, with my ultimate crush Ryan Gosling playing him, I now can’t get enough and I haven’t even seen the film yet. I know though that when he starts singing I Am Ken, I am going to go wild. Who else is with me when it comes to celebrating this iconic figure? Bring on the Kenergy! 

Joey X

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