On Wednesday's We Wear Pink With These Barbie Pieces!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With only a few days to go until the most pink and perfect doll in the world arrives on our screens, it is time to get kitted out. Yes, Barbie is here and I have selected a few recent finds that I think you are going to love to help you get ready for the biggest cinematic event of the year! 

From swimsuits to t-shirts, I have got all your clothing and accessories sorted, so that when you walk into the cinema you are looking fierce and fancy. Get ready to wear a lot of pink! It is Wednesday after all…

Barbie And The Rockers World Tour T-Shirt, £22.99, Truffle Shuffle: My favourite thing on this list by far is this t-shirt. I adore everything about it! It is my childhood all wrapped up in one and I am honestly going to be investing in it. Barbie deserves to rock on forever!

Barbie The Movie Neon Print Swimsuit, £14, Primark: If you have seen the teasers, then you know that you need this swimsuit in your life. Whether you wear it like Barbie to roller skate in or as a swimsuit for the pool, the occasions to wear this are endless. 

Barbie Multi Print Superga Trainers, £90, Schuh: Barbie trainers are not just for little kids anymore. Superga is bringing back the trend for all with these super smart trainers. They are a little expensive, but they are pure perfection in every way. I might just have to grab myself some and walk around in them with Barbie feet. 

Barbie Fleece Blanket, £9, Asda: If like me you like to snuggle up when watching a film then you need this cosy blanket. No judgments will come from me if you take it to the cinema or not. In fact, I will be encouraging it when it is this perfectly pink. 

Barbie Silver and Pink Tumbler, £16, Claire’s: Okay, so this may seem a little expensive for a cup, but just think how cool you will look walking into the cinema with your slush or Coke in this. It is a stand out piece that will shine throughout!

Right now, the world is full of pink and perfect merchandise! I can’t get enough of it and I know that as soon as the film comes out even more will be out. And I can’t wait! Who else is with me? 

Joey X

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