Celebrate the Barbie Movie in One of These Magical Ways...


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Tomorrow marks the release of the Barbie Movie! However you may be watching will be exciting, yet, if you can catch it in a special way then it is going to be even more magical. Therefore, I have gathered some of the best cinematic and event based Barbie events around the UK that you can enjoy. 

From free food to homemade beaches, you will find yourself in the ultimate Barbie world at these events…

Free Food at Vue Cinemas, from the 21st July 2023: To mark the release of the film, Vue Cinemas are giving away free regular popcorn or their special Barbie inspired Pink Candy Floss Tango Ice Blast to those who attend a screening with a Ken. All you have to do is show your tickets and the person’s ID to prove they are a Ken to get the goods.

Fulham Beach Barbie Beach Party, £22.38, 22nd July 2023: Let’s go to the beach and party in the ultimate Barbie world! Thanks to Fulham Beach, Malibu Beach has landed in London and now you can experience everything Barbie within it. From music to yoga, there are different activities to enjoy whilst sipping on a summer tipple and enjoying the film. 

G-A-Y Barbie Drag-A-Thon, £2, 2st July 2023: Get ready to laugh, love and embrace a whole new Barbie world, as drag queens gather from all over the UK at G-A-Y in London to celebrate the iconic doll. Outfits are going to be incredible, so make sure to dress your best!

The 90’s Brunch Barbie Special, £39.99, 5th August 2023: Enjoy the perfect Barbie inspired brunch whilst also going back in time with this special menu. It is a little costly, but you can be assured that the food, drinks and experience will be worth it. Plus, the 90s were peak Barbie, making it the best time to go back to. 

Backyard Cinema Manchester Barbie Beach on the Beach, from £6, from 28th July 2023: Another beach event, yet this one includes a screening of the film. Grab your deckchairs, sit back with a pink spritz and embrace the world of Barbie whilst pretending you are in Malibu. Perfection!

How will you be watching the new film lovelies? Are you ready to embrace all things Barbie tomorrow? Let me know how you plan to celebrate the greatest doll on earth’s return to cinema!

Joey X

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