The Blackpool Ballroom Experience Is Absolutely Incredible!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Yesterday was my birthday! I am not officially 28 and I have to admit that I am happy the day is over. I always get super emotional on my birthday and just wish for the day to be over, as I struggle with the attention and the expectations that the day brings. I am definitely more of a Christmas kind of person. 

Yet, on the 14th July, I got to experience something that I have never done before. Something that became the ultimate birthday present, not just for me but my whole family too. A few days before I came on holiday to Blackpool, where my brother lives, I sent out a message asking what was happening on the weekend. Kindly, a lovely PR reached out to me from the Blackpool Merlin team and told me about the epic experiences they have in the town and I was super excited.

For a long time, I have always wanted to conquer the Blackpool Tower Eye glass floor. I’ve found the idea terrifying, as I am scared of heights, however, I wanted to try and beat it at the time I was born with my family at my side. The Merlin team worked super hard to make this dream come true and offered us all a space on the tower for the afternoon. The weather though had over ideas. 

Due to strong winds, the Blackpool Tower Eye had to shut for safety reasons and so the experience wasn’t to be. I was super sad that I wasn’t able to go up there, but the amazing Naomi on the front desk wanted to help out as much as possible. Having been offered other ways to use the tickets, including chances to go inside the Sea Life Centre, Madame Tussards and the Blackpool Tower Dungeons, I wasn’t sure what to do. We had tried these experiences before and loved every minute of them, but I wanted to experiences something new. 

Having watched Strictly Come Dancing since I was little, I was a little enchanted by the Blackpool Ballroom, located within the tower. I had never seen it, but was interested. Naomi allowed us all to go and sit inside of it whilst we decided on what to do and it was when we walked in that I knew what needed to happen. 

Due to my ED, I haven’t been able to enjoy meals out or food experiences with my mum. Yet, I want her to enjoy them as much as possible. I believe though that she feels guilty when she does though, because of ED the dickhead. With my brother and nephew around though, she didn’t have to feel anything, simply enjoyment, as they would be enjoying the food alongside her, so I asked Naomi if we could use the Blackpool Tower tickets and exchange them for an afternoon tea in the Blackpool Ballroom. 

Bringing us coffees and soft drinks whilst she went to find out, due to the experience technically having ended, she rushed off to find out if she could make it happen. After around five minutes, she returned and told me that as a VIP (I felt super special hearing that!) the opportunity was fine. Upon hearing this, I turned to my mum and surprised her with the experience, bringing tears to her eyes as she really wasn’t ready or thinking that she was going to get the chance to do so. 

Seating us right at the front, next to the stage, where an organist was playing classic songs that went along with his dance announcements, the team seated us at a blue table, which had a gorgeous tea set laid out on it. Leaving us to enjoy the experience for a moment, Naomi went to find our waitress for the afternoon called Emily, who was happy to help in any way possible. All the staff were like this in fact. I could not find a fault in any of them and I think they added to the whole brilliance of it all. 

Emily asked us what drinks we would like, which were bottomless and included soft drinks such as orange and apple juices, squashes and fizzy drinks for my nephew and teas, coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and more for my mum and brother. Emily then asked us if we had any food allergies or needs, such as vegetarian, gluten-free or vegan requests, which I thought was perfect for those who do experience these matters. Having taken our order, she removed the items that were not needed on the table and left with our afternoon tea tray to fill it up. 

In a matter of moments, she returned with our teapots of coffee and tea, as well as a Costa latte for my mum, before heading off to bring out the food. Layered with sandwiches, cakes and the biggest scones I had ever seen, the trays came back filled with treats. Both classic and modern creations. 

On the sandwich plate, you could enjoy the tastes of ham and cheese, egg mayonnaise and cress, tuna mayonnaise and cream cheese and cucumber on white and rye breads, before moving up a layer to the selection of cakes and tray bakes. These included super chocolatey brownies, lemon drizzle cake slices, victoria sponge bites and a raspberry poppy seed muffin sliced for easier enjoyment. Then on the top plate was the huge scones, which come with jars of strawberry jam and clotted cream. 

Normally priced at £69.95 for a family of four, which we were, the whole spread was definitely worth every penny. As my family tucked in, I could see them all relaxing and it was at this moment that I, as someone who hates having my photo taken due to my ED, decided I wanted a photo of the moment. Something to ensure I would never forget it. I could see my mum relax instantly and have fun. So much fun that I even took her for a spin around the ballroom. Though, it was the dancing with my young nephew Leo at the end on the famous floorboards that won over my heart. Especially when I captured him and my brother spinning around in one corner. 

There was no time limit when it came to the experience and the team never rushed us out or asked us to move on, even when the dining was over for the day. They even came over again at one point to offer us more drinks and food, bringing out another pot of coffee and a latte again for my mum. After another dance, toilet trip and a few more bites, we were so enchanted by it all that we didn’t want to leave a memory behind. The team wanted us to enjoy it all fully and even gave us a number of boxes and bags allowing us to take what was left on the table home to enjoy once there. Keeping the magic alive for longer. 

I am not a birthday person at all, but the whole Ballroom experience made me cry. Tears of happiness. Seeing my mum, who is my full time carer, happy and relaxed was the only present I needed on the big day. It cheered me up so much and I will never be able to watch Strictly the same again. I will always remember turning 28, spinning around on the famous dancefloor, whilst Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons played out. 

Honestly, I can’t thank the team enough for allowing me to have this opportunity and the treatment they gave us. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Every single moment of it was worth it. Every team member, especially Naomi and Emily, went above and beyond. Chloe, the PR behind it all, was a true superstar and the world of ballroom dancing is now a dream to me. Forget the tower, do this experience instead. In fact, do it all if you can! I know one day I will get to the top and afterwards, I will be back enjoying the ballroom again. A truly magical day in every way! 

With different prices available and opportunities for the whole family, the afternoon tea experience can be booked online and on the day at the ticket office inside the tower. However, I would definitely suggest booking before you go, just to be on the safe side, so head to their website to find the right deal for you lovelies. You will not regret it, I promise! The memories made are forever in my heart now, keeping me feeling warm and cosy. If being 28 is like this for the rest of the year, I will be a super happy person! 

Joey X

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