ModiBodi Have Made The Ultimate Period Pants For All!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Supporting women and their periods is something I am a huge fan of! As someone who sadly lost theirs a number of years ago, I have become away of the challenges that we all faced, when younger, in regards to getting hold of and being comfortable with tampons and sanitary towels. 

When I did have mine, I used to prefer to wear pads. However, it wasn’t the most comfortable situation. Especially in hot weather conditions, where they would sometimes rub my thigh areas. 

However, as time has gone on, so has the brilliant production process. Thankfully, we now have a great brand called ModiBodi to help make pants, which are super absorbent for us all. 

Able to hold up to 10ml of liquid, which is the equivalent of 1-2 teaspoons or two tampons, the pants can be reused again and again, without the needs of pads, tampons or liners. A win all round. 

Having been gifted a pair to try, from their ModiBasics range, I decided to give them a go, as an experiment shall we say. Sliding them on, they reminded me of my comfy short style underwear, with no feelings that I was wearing something that would absorb any liquid. 

Throughout the day, I know I can sometimes leak, but if I did I didn’t know about it. When worn throughout the night, I didn’t even feel any rubbing, which my night time pads used to cause. I was super impressed throughout in fact. 

Although I had seen the brand being advertised online, I hadn’t really looked into ModiBodi before. Yet, I was super impressed and would have happily used them if I wasn’t in my current situation. I even suggested to my mum that she might prefer them when it comes to leaks. 

A great brand that helps support all is definitely one that we can all get on board with lovelies. Check out their website now to find the perfect pants and bottoms for you! 

Joey X

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