The New Foods Rediscovered and Found By Me This June!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

For a few months now, I have been doing meal plan posts for you all. Whilst I really enjoyed doing them, I have now got to a point where they worry me a bit. I eat quite a lot of the same meals at dinner time, due to my condition, however I introduce new things in other places, such as breakfast or for snacks. 

Therefore, I have decided to change things up a bit. Instead of the normal meal plans, I thought I would discuss my new food finds. Things I have enjoyed and discovered during the month, which may be new or I have reintroduced into my diet. 

At the moment, I am just trying to be gentle, to help me recover better. This means, in many ways, going back to my childhood and rediscovering a few party favourites. 

Here are my top five new food finds from the month of June…

Iced Gems: Who doesn’t love these little iced biscuits? For me, they are a childhood lunch box and party food. Having brought them a while ago, in a multipack bag, I finally managed to enjoy a packet with my mum in June. Every emotion was felt, as they tasted exactly as I remembered them. In fact, even better in some cases. We all bite the icing off first though right?

Nectarines: For a long time, I have been afraid of changing the fruit in my diet. Yet, with the return of the warm weather and the summer fruits coming with it, I wanted to be brave and try to have a nectarine. Upon writing this, I have now been having them again for around a week and really enjoying the sweetness of them. 

Aldi Crisp Rice Cereal: I used to love Rice Krispies when I was younger, however due to fears and also the cost of them, I hadn’t felt brave enough to have them again. June changed all of that. Aldi do their own version for just 85p a box and it is sooo good! Super light and fluffy, these make my mornings with a drizzle of honey now. Perfection!

Aldi Strawberry Juice Cartoon: If you like strawberry Ribena you will love this. At only 85p, I bulk buy these and enjoy one most evenings. I’m hoping to pour them into my slushie maker this summer to make a classic strawberry type of Slush Puppy, but I haven’t got there just yet. Slow and steady though!

Aldi Strawberry Conserve: I like to have a little drizzle of something on my cereal and this hits the spot when mixed in with warm milk. I had an empty squeezy bottle, so I put the jar in that, making it easier to store in the fridge too. Now it is the most perfect addition to my breakfast.

A New Brand I’ve Discovered: Just Spices UK - A few months ago, I was asked if I would like to discover the world of Just Spices. In our house, we use spices and flavours a lot. Especially if my mum is making a big dish for the whole family, so I happily said yes. 

Kindly, the team gifted me a big spice bundle full of toppings and spices to add to all kinds of meals. From cinnamon and apple porridge spices to egg toppings, there is honestly something for everyone. Hopefully, we will have tried some by the next post and I will share all of our recipes with you when we do! Check out their website to discover what they do and all of their products for now though. 

What have you discovered in the world of food this June?

Joey X

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