July: I’m Ready For You!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Awww the scent of summer has officially landed! Yes, July is here and it is bringing a lot of good news with it! 

School is nearly over, the summer holidays are about to start and the weather is heating up! July is a special month for me, as it marks my birthday, however as someone who isn’t that fussed about celebrating it, I look for the other joys that July brings the most. 

Finally, I am going to be heading away to see my brother and nephew for a few days. I’m going to enjoy the rest and relaxation that it always brings. I’m also seeing July as a chance to try and have some homegrown fruit and vegetables from my garden, such as the raspberries we have grown for years, but I have been too scared to eat. 

I also want to enjoy the feeling of summer walks. I know I have to be careful, but there is something so soothing about heading out in the early morning, when the sun isn’t too hot but still shining that calms me right down. Twice a week now I hope to simply spend time embracing the beauty of this. 

July also inspires me when it comes to the blog and writing. Due to Christmas in July, I get so pumped to start preparing for the autumn and winter months now. Everyone knows that Halloween and Christmas are the times in which I come alive and this year I feel more excited about them than anything. 

Summer is a special time. It reminds me of being young, seeing friends, banishing the coat to the back of the cupboard and embracing the freedoms the sunshine brings. Yes, June can help with this, but it’s truly July that makes it the best. Summer starts now and I am ready for it! Who else is with me?

Joey X

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