Spend Your Summer in Sicily


Good Morning Lovelies, 

With the start of the summer holidays fast approaching, I thought now be the right time to talk about a special place in my heart. One that I think you should all take a trip to!

The homeland of my Papa, Sicily has been blowing up, since it appeared on The White Lotus. I’ve heard so many people discussing heading to the gorgeous island that I could not discuss it. 

When I was 15, I went to see where my dad grew up, staying with my uncle and cousins in their home. Upon stepping off the plane, I was enchanted by the glorious mountains, gorgeous gelato, which I ate by a petrol station and the beautiful blue seas I spotted from the car window. 

The first night I was there, I was swept into the world of the Sicilian night life. Going from pool parties to night time markets, I had never seen a place so alive. Even at one or two in the morning. 

Days went by quickly. From sleepy sessions on the beach to local shopping trips in Palermo. I couldn’t control my emotions. Waking up every day, I was greeted to fresh pastries and breads. I was taken to local markets to see the beautiful, handcrafted finds. A meal out included seven courses. Gnocchi became a much loved discovery in fact, yet, lasagna will always be my favourite. 

My dad lived for Sicily. Whilst he came to the UK at eight years old, he always loved anything to do with his home country. He watched every TV show about it. He wanted to make sure that all his children spent time there, even when it meant he got bitten alive and he spoke Italian often in front of us in hopes we would pick it up. Of course, all I learnt was the swear words. 

Sicily may have been made famous because of a TV show - well many in recent times - but it is even more magical to see it in person. I would love to go back soon and explore even more of the island. The catacombs. The temples. The idyllic boutiques and villas that have been built there. The land of The Godfather, which is where one of my cousins actually got married. 

For now though, I spend my days thinking about it and what that trip meant to me. It was just me and my dad who went out there, as my mum can’t really fly for to long, and I am thankful for the bond it made. We will always have Sicily Papa T! And hopefully you all will do to, because I would recommend it to anyone. 

Have you been to Sicily? What did you love about it?

Joey X

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