Book of the Month: Yellowface by Rebecca F Kuang


Good Morning Lovelies,

Every month I like to pick a favourite book of mine to tell you all about and June brought a bit of a surprising find with it! After reading about my choice in a number of magazines, I instantly wanted to read it. 

However, Yellowface was a book that did not want to be read! Not because it was bad, more so because it was so hard to find anywhere. From the library to my local book shops, I could not get it. This was due to the the amount of people reading it. Luckily though, Amazon saved the day. 

Upon spotting the yellow cover, I wanted to know more. This led me into a pit of not being able to put the book down. Cleverly placing the readers in the heart of the story from the get go, Yellowface tells the story of one authors downfall into a web of lies, as she takes another authors story and makes it her own. 

Page upon page describes many of the hardships that readers don’t see when it comes to what authors deal with. This makes it impeccable reading. So much so that you often find yourself wondering how the book isn’t a biography. 

It’s so clever, twisted and entrapping in every way. All of which making it an exceptional piece. One that I would recommend to all. In fact, the librarian even told me that my endless visits to see if it was in had made her want to read it. I may have to give her my copy though, as it has a reservation waiting list of 48 people so far! 

Yellowface was definitely the book that made my June special. In total I read seven books this month, yet it was this one that truly captured it. 

What did you all read in June lovelies? 

Joey X

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