Why I Will Never Give Up My Surname!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Recently I was asked about my surname. Where did it come from? Is it translated into anything else? Why did it sound familiar? How do I spell it? 

For me, I have always been asked to spell out my surname, but never really taken in what the letters really mean to me. Since losing my dad, it is the only thing, other than blood, which truly connects me to him. A fact that makes me so proud. 

I’ve always loved how original my surname is. I made a decision long ago that I would never change it. Even when I got married. It is so original that I don’t want to lose it. I don’t want to ever not be a Tamburello. 

My family is connected to the Senna motor racing accident. They’re our ties to Sicily that run deep. My dad always told us that when we walked out the door we were representing the Tamburello name. It is his legacy and I will never lose that. 

I’m someone who also has my mum’s surname in my name too. However, it’s the Tamburello in my name that I love the most. There so, I wanted to speak out about the pride in a name. The love for who you are. 

It doesn’t always have to be about loving your body or your emotions. Self love can be about the badge of honour you wear when people call you by it. Something I truly have and hope to never loose. Once a Tamburello, always a Tamburello! 

Do you love your name? What is it about it that you like? 

Joey X

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