My April 2023 Dinner Plans


Good Morning Lovelies,

Maybe it was the Spring air or the clocks changing, but I felt a little bit more motivated this month to make some food changes. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t an easy process. There were a few tears. A few arguments. And a lot of indecisiveness from little miss A in my head. However, I managed to make some good process this month. 

Some things have stayed the same, but I have introduced new vegetable based dishes again that I haven’t had in years! Discover what I ate in April below: 

Monday: Asda 25p Stuffing, Sweet Potato Slices, Asparagus and Lighter Mayonnaise - The new food here is the introduction of asparagus, which I can’t get enough of now. 

Tuesday: Homemade Vegetable Shepherds Pie - A completely new meal for me, this was a big bit of progress. Normally I have to be around my mum when she prepares my meals, but because this makes me so nervous I can’t watch her do it. Changing a few of the traditional elements, I mix bulgur wheat, Bistro Vegan Vegetable Gravy, mixed vegetables, extra peas and a topping of butternut squash together to make this. I am a bit savage once cooked as well, as I like to add ketchup on top! I am so proud of myself for being able to enjoy a meal I used to love so much when I was little. Even with all the changes! 

Wednesday: New York Bakery Plain Bagel with Tesco’s Set Honey, Apple and Haribo Sweets - The new element here was a change in the sweets, as I found some Easter themed Haribo eggs in Poundland to test. 

Thursday: Roasted Cauliflower, Tiny Carrots and Sugarsnap Peas in a Bake in a Bag spice mix - I have been trying different brands of bake in a bag mixes. The first one was sooo hot, so I have been going for the sweeter kind over the past few weeks. 

Friday: New York Bakery Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel with Aldi Apricot Conserve, Apple and a Biscuit - Nothing new on this day at the moment. 

Saturday: Slow Cooker Rice Pudding or Stove Top Irish Porridge with Honey - I have been trying to mix up the two, as I love them both. It is my cosy Saturday night delight, whichever one I pick, due to the oozy honey on top. 

Sunday: Sliced Potato and Broccoli with Bisto Vegan Vegetable Gravy - With the introduction of the new gravy, I have been adding it to this meal now. Plus, I have been trying different potatoes too. Red ones are actually the best so far. 

What have you been enjoying during April? Let me know your latest food finds! 

Joey X

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