Six Free Things To Do This Summer


Good Morning Lovelies,

Summer is finally upon us! Okay, so technically it is still spring, but with the sun in the sky and the warmer temperatures already starting, it has put me in an excited mood. One that wants to get out there and go exploring. 

However, with everything costing a little more nowadays, it can be hard. Yet, there is so much that you can do for free with the whole family or friends. In fact, you can even do my list on your own! The possibilities are endless with my top free things to do during the summer, which are…

Build A Fort: Like Ross and Joey in Friends, there is nothing better than getting cushions, cardboard boxes or anything that you have to spare to make a tent. Spend time reading in it or having fun. The childlike nature of it will make you so happy. 

Visit The Sea or a Local River: Whether you live close by or have to take a little journey, go and visit a local seaside resort. Or head down to your closest nature reserve and spend time near a pond or river. Just the sound of water can be so refreshing for the mind and soul. 

Find A Free Local Event: With so many places offering free events, not just at the weekend, now is the perfect time to uncover a hidden gem. Plus, many of them allow you to see places you may have to normally pay for for free! A little added bonus! 

Host An Outdoor Cinema: Grab the family or your closest friends and host an outdoor cinema. Take an old sheet and project the film onto the big screen or take your TV or laptop outside. Watching a film under the stars is truly magical. 

Binge Watch Your Favourite Shows: When the weather does get too warm, you may not want to head out. Something that is perfectly fine. Grab your best snacks and embrace a classic or new summer series and spend the time binging on it. 

Get A Pen Pal: Summer is the time to connect with people. Yet, they don’t have to be in or near to the place you live. Write a letter to a friend who has moved away or find one online who lives in another country. Facebook has some great pages to meet people. 

Summer comes with endless possibilities for free fun! What do you like to do during the warmer months? 

Joey X

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