Book of the Month: Stepping Up by Sarah Turner


Good Morning Lovelies, 

For a while, I was writing what I had read in a whole month posts. However, March was filled with magazines and therefore, I didn’t read that many books. Yet, I managed to change this month.

Deciding to change up the posts, I have made the decision to pick one book a month to discuss. A bit like a book club selection. This month, I have chosen Stepping Up by Sarah Turner.

I had seen this book on a number of supermarket shelves but never picked it up. Honestly, I wish I had sooner. From the first paragraph I was gripped. Not like anything else I had read before, it was a new genre that reminded me of the film, Raising Helen. 

The main character Beth is relatable, as she comes to terms with being the sole caretaker for her niece and nephew, after a tragic family event. From fish finger sandwiches to swimming galas, everything seems new to Beth, in a refreshing and emotional manner. 

As a reader, the chapters take you through each month, as Beth seeks to discover her real self. I loved how much she connects with being imperfect. To the point she is perfect. Not everything goes to plan. In fact very little does. Yet, that is what works so well within the book. That is its hook. And hook me in it did.

I picked this book up on a book exchange library slot and I’ve donated it back to one. I hope it brings joy to others like it did to me! You should all definitely keep an eye out for it and have a read if you can lovelies. It’s simply brilliant and a perfect all year round read. 

Joey X

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