Palmers: Forever A Skincare Must Have!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

I always feel hugely grateful for the things I receive to review on the blog. I have worked with some amazing brands, many of which have gone on or were my favourites in the world. Kindly, the list has grown to include Palmers, one of my favourite beauty brands of all time. 

For years, I have used their Cocoa Butter cream, which comes in a solid and pump format, to help keep my skin super soft. When I was a teenager, I developed stretch marks on my stomach and this cream was the only thing that helped me with them. As well, as a kid who loved rough and tumble, it also helped to soothe any bruises and cuts I had. Even when I had my fall, just over a year ago, it was this cream that I reached out to to help me with the scars that developed. I honestly believe that they would not be as well-healed without it. 

The team at Palmers don’t just make skin products though. I had never tried a haircare item from them before, until this little care package came. Developed with hair strengthening biotin, the Cocoa Butter Formula Length Retention Pack has been made to strengthen, protect and save hair from damage and breakage. 

As someone who once had thick Italian hair, my hair has gotten a lot thinner since having anorexia. However, I am working hard to keep it nourished. This product does a whole lot and luckily I could use the one pack multiple times. I didn’t need much to keep my hair feeling soft and I really felt like it was good value for so much. If you have little travel bottles, you could squeeze the pack into it to help make sure it doesn’t go to waste too. 

The final Palmers item I received was their Softens Smoothes Swivel Stick. Again, I hadn’t ever seen or heard about this product, but I was intrigued by it. Used to help dry skin and lips, this was like a travel edition of their great cocoa butter creams. However, as it was so compact it used up hardly any space in my bag when I gave it a trial run out. Now, it is going to live in my travel bag, because it has made a whole difference being able to apply Palmers’ creams on the go. Even my mum found the stick great, as she used it to help soothe her legs when we were out and about one day. 

Overall, Palmers have come out on top again in the world of beauty, cementing their ever brilliant range. They will always be a love in my beauty life that is for sure. I honestly couldn’t live without them!

Joey X

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