Magnitone Are Changing The Beauty Industry For The Best!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

As many of you know, I am a big fan of a gadget. I love them! I don’t care what they are meant to be used for, I will test them. And I will tell everyone about them if I love them. All of which, has led me to tell you about a fantastic product I was sent recently. 

Magnitone are a company who are working to make products that can help us all feel our most confident and best. Whether it be items for your face or your feet, they are going in deep. From massagers to make up removal products, the company have put their experts to the test to make the best. Something I can ensure you all that they are doing well. 

Gifted the Scrub Up 3-In-1 Ultrasonic Pore Scrubber and Infuser, as well as some Bamboo Microfibre Makeup Removal Pads, I was ready to create a new face for myself. Oddly, I find cleaning out more pores super satisfying. Yes, I am one of those people that love spot removal shows and videos. 

So, when I read the instructions and started the pore machine I was excited. With three tones to pick from, you can clean, moisturise and lift your pores to help remove oil and dirt, whilst refreshing the skin once the process has been done. Starting with the clean stage, I was shocked at how much oil my face had. 

Especially around my nose area. Using it until my face seemed renewed, I then went onto the moisturiser stage, where I applied my favourite cream and massaged it into my face with the applicator. Before letting the lift setting pulsate to build a more tonal look. 

After trialling the product for the past three weeks, I am seriously impressed with how my skin now looks. I have combination skin, so I find that my skin changes a lot, due to the weather and other interior and exterior conditions. 

The product removed all the dirt from my face daily and I woke up feeling like I actually didn’t need to put on as much product because my skin looked so good. I’m actually excited now to see what it does during the summer months, when our faces go through a lot again. 

In the mornings, when I had less time to use the machine, I decided to put the pads to the test. Only needing warm water to work, I run the pads under my tap and saw a change instantly. Out went my old face wipes and in with these is how I am living from now on. 

Saving money in many ways, I can simply clean these in my washing machine. Meaning I don’t feel as bad about clogging up landfill sites with the wipes I was using. They really only did need warm water to work and I am so impressed that I can’t stop recommending them to everyone I speak to. Even random people in shops. 

Magnitone were a brand I wasn’t really aware of until I was gifted these items. However, I am now obsessed. I want to explore even more of their collection and am spending a lot of time on their website now looking at other products that could help my skin. If you are looking for a game changer lovelies, then Magnitone will have it! I promise you! 

Joey X

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