Calm Down With The Fantastic Fold It Calm Book


Good Morning Lovelies,

Last year, I found myself falling in love with books more. All genres and all topics. The way that they helped me to escape my mind was brilliant. Especially when the books were creative ones.

This has continued this year, as I am looking to discover ways I can better my creative skills. And rediscover some I already have. Including origami. The skill that I hope to deepen with the brand new book, Fold It Calm by Li Kim Goh.

Kindly sent to me, the book includes origami paper and instructions on how to make simple designs that will stand out when shared with others. Perfect for when you need a quick distraction from the world around you. 

Taking to my bed, which is oddly where I find myself being my most creative, I laid the paper and book out to start making some pieces. From birds to diamonds, there is a design that everyone can take on board. As someone who has always loved origami birds, this was where I decided to start. 

Folding the pages over, I found that the book was actually the simplest set of instructions I have ever had my hands on. I’ve used YouTube and other books, but struggled to follow them at times. This one left me with no problems at all. I even kept thinking that if I gave the book to my mum or nephew, who both have never done origami before, would find it easy to follow too. 

I’ve now been making many pieces because of it and I can’t wait to transform my Instagram with my creations. I simply loved the ease and mind chilling effect it had. My anxiety disorder dulled a bit whilst making the pieces, an aspect I will always be thankful for. 

Now kept by my bed, I will be using the book whenever times get hard from now on. It’s inspired me to carry on being creative and I am currently looking to buy more origami papers to keep a good stock. 

Thank you so much to the Penguin team for sending me the book. It is honestly a life changer and I can’t wait to make and calm down even more with it! 

Joey X

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