Plus-Plus are the New Toy You Need to Enjoy


Good Morning Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago, I went to the Toy Fair in London, to see what great fun will be making its way onto our shelves this year. From Christmas creations to summer solutions, there was something for everyone and I was once again turned into a big kid amongst all the delights. 

One toy that really caught my eye was from the brand Plus-Plus. Created in the 80s, the toys were made to help spark inspiration within adults and children, continuing to grow year on year. From basic designs to puzzle by number pieces, they have made products that all the family can enjoy. Kindly, the team behind the brand sent me a few to try and I got stuck in straight away. 

Sending me a basic tube, a dolphin tube and a butterfly puzzle by number creation, the constructions are easy to store, wash and build, as each pack comes with instructions that are super simple. Laying out all the pieces for the dolphin design, I made it within one afternoon. Instantly hooking me in to want to build more. 

After a few more practice runs, using designs from the company website and the basic tube, I put my new knowledge to the test. The butterfly design was a lot more detailed, but with the great instructions, I was able to begin straight away. 

Sitting down one evening, I was so focused that it helped my mental health and brain to become fully distracted, which was perfect for me. It also picked my mum’s interest and soon she wanted to join in. Both of us switching off from the world around us and screens for a few hours. 

When we had completed the butterfly, I wanted to share it with the world right away. It was a design that looked like it should be glued and displayed. However, due to the way that the product comes together there is no need for glue at all. It is that strong!

Having seen but never explored Plus-Plus before, I am now hooked. The instructions are great, the kits click together greatly and you can build an everlasting product in hardly any time at all. As a huge LEGO fan, this is definitely up my street. So much so that I have been looking at more kits daily since finishing the butterfly. 

Something that led me to find that the brand is super affordable too. A big box of basic pieces is priced at £23, which is great for hours of fun. 

Ultimately, I was hugely impressed with the designs, kits and the whole Plus-Plus brand. The ease and fun of it all is great for helping those like me with mental health issues to distract themselves. 

Whilst it is also perfect for simple hours of fun that the whole family can enjoy. Whether it be a seasonal present or a gift, this is one brand that I definitely think you should all explore more lovelies! You will love it! 

Joey X

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