Washed Up Cards Will Have You Falling In Love This Valentine's Day


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Love is truly in the air! Everywhere we look around! Including in our homes with some amazing cards to give to others. Lovingly gifted to me, the brilliant team at Washed Up Cards have sent me their amazing eco-friendly Valentine’s Day delights to share with you all and I could not love them more. 

Made entirely environmentally friendly, the cards feature beautiful quotes and cute pictures, alongside little pieces of plastic, which have been taken out of our local rivers and seas. For example, on the cards I received, both tiny bits of plastics, which cause a lot of harm to our environment, were from the River Thames. 

Created by Flora, a wonderful woman who works hard to keep our beaches clean, after being inspired when taking a beach cleaning event, each card is lovingly hand made to spread joy to all that receive them. Including myself, who couldn’t help but squeal a little bit when I saw them. They were honestly that sweet and cute. 

Priced at £4.75, with a £1 extra charge if you would like the cards personalised, they are truly making a difference to the planet. They are so pretty that you could easily frame the cards and place them on your mantel, windowsill or wall for all to enjoy. Something I will definitely be doing, as they continuously bring a smile to my face. 

With lots of cards on offer, there is one for everyone to enjoy. From Valentine’s to birthday ones, the company have got every celebration covered. I know that I will be using them again, after seeing how sweet and life changing they are. Washed Up Cards are simply fantastic and I couldn’t love them more this Valentine’s Day!

Joey X

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