Plate Up The Perfect Valentine’s Day Meal with By Amazon


Good Morning Lovelies,

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us! The day where love conquers all! And luckily for us, even more companies are making it easier for celebrate, without losing anything special about the day! Including Amazon, who have gone above and beyond this year with their amazing selection of By Amazon food choices. 

Easy to make and every bit as special as a home cooked meal, the dishes that they have selected to make the love come alive are amazing. From chocolate fudge cake to red roses that can grace the middle of the table, the team behind the main meals have been working hard to think about something for everyone. 

Meat lovers can dive into a succulent beef brisket dish, which falls apart easily upon being cooked in its juicy BBQ sauce. However, if that isn’t the one for you, than you could find yourself enjoying a beautiful duck dish, as the team have made a hoisin sauce based duck legs meal that can be enjoyed between two in under 40mins.

For vegetarians like me, don’t worry, because if there is ever a more romantic meal to share between two, it has to be pizza. Oozy, gooey cheese spreading between two, in a Lady and the Tramp way, will truly happen with the by Amazon Our Selection Mozzarella & Slow Roasted Tomato Pizza

Topped with the most beautiful vegetables, generously spread out, there will be an element of a chance of an argument if you do pick this though lovelies, because you may not want to share it!  

Finally, when the beautiful main meals have been had, By Amazon have created the ultimate desserts to go with it. Including a lush chocolate fudge cake, topped with chocolate curls to make it even more special. 

Kindly, Amazon sent me all of these to enjoy and we were so impressed! I don’t have a single love, so my whole family were treated to these dishes. Spread out over the whole weekend, the love was truly shown with each meal being enjoyed by all. It truly made Valentine’s Day 2023 a night to remember, before we even got there. Check out the By Amazon range now to order yours in time for the big day! The special person you are sharing them with will love them! Even if it is just for you, you will thank yourself highly! 

Joey X

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