Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody Review


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Many of us know the tragic and incredible life of Whitney Houston. Well, we think we do. Yet, after uncovering a whole host of unknown information and events that occurred, a new feature film, has been released, covering everything we did and didn’t know possible. 

Starring Stanley Tucci and Naomi Ackie, Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody, is gripping throughout. And not just because of the soundtrack. Going back to the start of Houston’s life, Ackie embodies the star, from her time growing up in Jersey to her transition into a worldwide star. 

As figures come and go in her life, including the fantastically portrayed by Tucci, Clive Davis, who produced Houston’s music, the story will bring you up and break you down. Faced with a strict childhood, leading to an impact on how Houston learnt to take on the superstar role, it is clear that the films creators made the right choice with Ackie. She certainly knows how to make the film her own. In some ways, you watch more for her than the story. A true talent being born again. 

However, of course, the real magic on screen is the music. Even in the darkest of moments, you find yourself singing along. It is not just Houston’s story being portrayed, but also the memories you have of hearing those songs played for the first time. 

The film is a huge celebration of Houston. When tackling the fun and the hard, it manages to do so in a delicate way. Yet, it does fail to keep you as gripped as you may have liked it to. Without the music, some scenes would be unwatchable. Truly, it all comes down to the songs, the voice and the acting from Ackie, which makes this a worthy viewing. Houston would be proud of it, but mostly for the way Ackie takes on and embodies her so well. 

3 Stars

Joey X

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