Boom! Boom! Basil Brush Speaks To The Blog About His New Christmas Song!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Basil Brush was a childhood hero of mine. Every day, after school, even on the weekends, I would spend my time watching the classic, Basil Brush Show on CBBC! There so, when I heard that he was making another Christmas song, called Boom! Boom! It’s Christmas Again!, with some familiar faces, I had to speak to him. 

Oh yes, I got the chance to interview the legend that is Basil Brush. And it was pretty epic…

Congratulations on the new single! What made you want to create a song for Christmas?

I do a song for Xmas most years to raise money for charity and make myself feel Christmassy filming and working for Xmas in April.  This year's epic was the idea of songwriter and filmmaker Chris Clarke, we have done Xmas projects before but this year he decided to make a Xmas single with the most epic video since Bohemian Rhapsody!  Look a journey through time with a final meet and story from one of my original Misters…Mr Roy at the end. It booming epic.

There are some huge names that always fight for that top spot. Mariah, Elton, LadBaby. What makes your song so different?

I think having a singing and talking fox in the video sets it apart from everyone... also I have the longest video running alongside the single with a something for everyone. I think Taylor Swift may get the first ten places in the charts so number 11 would be a triumph ! If I get that I’ll run for number 10 …… Downing Street next year ..ha ha Boom Boom.

The single has been created to help the amazing charity, Save The Children. Why is the cause so close to you?

Children are our future , and children all over the world deserve a fair chance to achieve their potential but also not to grown up in conditions that were not of their making ... we should view the world through a child’s eyes and it would be a better place for everyone ... anything I can help with is important to me and use my position as the only talking fox on the fox to help.  My time costs me nothing to give so to make a single and raise awareness is the least I can do! 

You are an icon to so many, especially us who grew up with The Basil Brush Show on a Saturday morning. Plus, the video features a lot of incredible characters, such as Mr Blobby and the Rainbow Crew. Do you think this will help you top the charts?

Every character will help get the song up the charts …there is someone in the video for everyone and the tune is an earworm!  It will tickle as well …Boom Boom it’s Christmas again ... I can’t get it out of my head aaaaggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!

What is your favourite thing to do over the festive period? Any traditions?

My favourite thing over the Xmas period …is PANTO ??PANTO ??PANTO ..I say that three times cos I’m preparing for a three-show day …Panto means Christmas…and Christmas means Panto ,.I have performed for the last nine years at the Theatre Royal Windsor and this year I am playing king Basil III in Sleeping Beauty ... I have the number one dressing room of course and love doing my Christmas shopping in the Daniel’s department store in the town centre …it’s a beautiful place for Xmas and is my pantomime home! 

We all love you so much. What have you got coming up next that we will see or hear you in?

Next year we have a busy year booked l alongside my mister … Mister Martin Cabble Reid , we’ve been together for seven years now, we will be at music festivals doing our family show, our grown up show is touring and doing the grown up weekends at Butlins, a couple of cruises ... not sure I have four sea legs for that one but we will be doing our family show in the Norwegian fjords!!!  Plus a few surprises…

Boom! Boom! It’s Christmas Again! is available now to download or listen to on all streaming platforms. The perfect way to start a December day! 

Joey X

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