Get The Ultimate Smile This Christmas With Toothbuckle


Good Morning Lovelies,

My teeth are probably the thing I look after the most on/in my body. I like to use a number of tools to keep them super clean. An electric toothbrush. Interdental brushes. Tongue brushes. A metal tooth pick and mouthwash. I use them all. And I am very open to trying out new brands to add in to the collection. 

Kindly, this opportunity arose recently when Toothbuckle allowed me to try their brilliant toothbrush and toothbrush cover collection. Something I couldn’t wait to do. 

Completely environmentally friendly, this female led business was created to help save the planet at a low cost. Plastic free, the brushes are made from a strong bamboo base, with nature colouring added to them. The covers are made from silicone, with embedded silver to make sure they are kept clean, safe and free from all germs. Even those flown up from a flushing toilet. Yes really! 

Straight away I could tell the brushes were a lot stronger than others on the market. Priced at £3, the brushes lasted ages with the bristles providing a soft but deep clean. I was so pleased when I run my tongue along my teeth afterwards, as I often find that non-electric brushes don’t clean as well. Toothbuckle brushes are different though. In a very good way. 

Having been given two brushes to try, my mum also tested them. Unlike me, my mum struggles with electric brushes, preferring manual ones instead. She loved the clean feeling too and unlike her normal one, she also found it helped with her sensitive teeth too. 

Deciding to keep the brushes in our suitcase toiletry bag, we loved the covers as well. Easier to protect the whole brush, unlike the plastic covers that go all over the place or turn mouldy. These covers are super easy to clean too. You simply have to turn them inside out and have a little scrub, turning them into a like new item again. 

Overall, both myself and my mum were super impressed with the Toothbuckle items. At a low cost, they help to save the planet and your teeth in a fantastic fashion. With prices starting at £3 and going up to around £7, their website is full of fantastic options for you to pick from and they currently have a discount running with the code: GiftBuckle. For a cleaner mouth lovelies, you will deffo want to try them!

Joey X

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