Want To Say No? JUST DO IT!


Good Morning Lovelies,

For a while I was trying to manage a lot of things. Many were making me happy, yet a few things I found were affecting my mental health. I felt a little used. I felt like I was made out to be stupid. I wasn’t being told things and it left me struggling. I didn’t want to let anyone down, especially when I had been so happy to do it at the start. Yet, it caused me a huge amount of problems. So, I decided to make a change. Something I am proud I did in the end. 

After nearly a year, I said no. I said I couldn’t do it anymore. I stated how it was affecting my mental health and wished them all the best, but that I couldn’t work with them anymore. All in a friendly way. The person who I had been working with never replied. They read the message and didn’t say anything at all. Another sign that the timing, decision and what I felt was right. 

Over the past few months, I had begun to feel used. I was expected to just drop everything and take part in what they wanted me to do. If I couldn’t then I was in the wrong. If I got anything wrong whilst appearing on the show, I would feel ashamed, especially when they seemed to have a go at me for it. 

Something that had started great turned into something awful. I could cry after a few sessions. I would find myself dreading the calls or chats with the person. I was expected to know when they changed schedules or weren’t going to be around, yet if I did this, even when I was with family for personal events or on holidays, I was guilt tripped. To the point where I would do the recordings even when I was away. 

And I couldn’t handle it anymore. I have no bad blood or feelings towards the person who I messaged. But I simply couldn’t do it anymore and after worrying for so long at making this decision it is something I am now so thankful I have done. I couldn’t have done it for much longer and I know what I chose was right for me mentally. 

Sometimes the things you think are the best or that you should just keep doing isn’t right. There is only so much a person can do and now I have made these choices I realise that I was about to break. Thankfully I didn’t and I was strong enough to stop it before I did. 

Never be afraid to say no when you don’t want to do something. Even if it is leaving your bed.It can be the thing that you need the most. A simple NO! Whilst my experience was one I will be thankful for for life, I am now not spending my week dreading Fridays anymore. I am free to enjoy them. To have more experiences. To spend time with my family without feeling guilty. And that is always worth more than what I was doing. 

Remember, just say no if you want to! 

Joey X

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