Blogmas Day 23: The Best Chocolate/Sweet Tubs To Have At Christmas 2022


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Is it even Christmas if you don’t have a tub of chocolates/sweets in your house? My mum and I always try to get them when they are on offer. Something the shops started doing in September this year. We use them at Halloween, Christmas and even afterwards. Our family simply can’t get enough. 

However, there are definitely chosen ones in our house. We aren’t a picky chocolate/sweets family, but when it comes to festive tubs, we have a list of the ones we prefer. Therefore, I thought I would share our list of superior ones. Here is how we vote in our house, going from lowest to highest. Read to the bottom to find out our top picks…

8. Lindt Festive Tin: We can’t stand Lindt in our house! Sorry lovelies!

7. Bassett's Retro Sweets: Whilst we don’t hate these, they don’t seem to have the selection that I remember. Although, we do welcome them still.

6. Cadbury’s Roses: In our house, we sadly aren’t the biggest fan of Cadbury’s Roses. We enjoy a few of them, but when it comes to picking which ones we like best, there are others we would pick over these.

5. Swizzels Sweets Tub: We do love Swizzels sweets in our house and these probably would have been on top, but they can’t beat Haribo’s.

4. Haribo Sweets Tub: Are there any better sweets than Haribo ones? This tub is filled with the best ones and the big snack packets too. Great for taking them around with you on the go or using in advent calendars or stockings. 

3. Cadbury Heroes: Dairy Milk will always be a winning chocolate and having a whole tin of the best of the best makes this an instant Christmas classic in our house.

2. Quality Street: Who can resist a toffee penny or a chocolate toffee finger? I will steal these from the tub before anyone gets the chance to have them. Those and the fudges. I tell you now, if you try and get them off me, you will not win.

1. Celebrations: Twix, Maltesers, Bounty, Mars, the possibilities of goodness in this tub are endless and for that reason we always have to have them in our house. Although, there is a fight over who gets to have what out of them.

What chocolates and sweets do you have to have in your house at Christmas? Sorry if I have offended anyone with my choices! Would you like a toffee penny as an apology aha! 

Joey X

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