Blogmas Day 24: Six Things That Always Happen On Christmas Eve


Good Morning Lovelies, 

For years, I have been the weirdo who finds great pleasure in seeing everyone running around on Christmas Eve. I love heading into the shops and seeing what people are trying to find and buy last minute. It makes me laugh at how mad we go at the time of year.

Christmas Eve is also the time in which I normally spend the whole afternoon in the kitchen with my mum baking sweet treats. However, this year we are going to have to face the brave outdoors for some last minute bits. Something that I hope doesn’t take up too much time. It is weird but no matter what you are the following things always seem to happen on Christmas Eve:

Time Runs Out: A plan will be put into place, but time will not be on your side to get everything done. Trying to find last-minute presents. Picking up and cooking the great big turkey that doesn’t fit in the oven. What on earth produced such a thing? Christmas Eve seems to have a time schedule of nothing.

Turkey Troubles: Speaking about the turkey not fitting in the oven, you will spend the day wondering how it is best to cook it? Will it feed everyone? Should you have spent so much on it? Will it cook on time? The beast of the table will become your worst enemy and when you place it in the oven, you will make it promise you to cook right, not raw, with all the juices in it. Wishbone better work.

Last-Minute Gift Shopping: Looking at the arrangement of presents you have brought so far; you will find that you have missed an all-important one. This will lead you to having to brave the high street to find it. When it is in your hands, you will make sure that no one even sets their sights on it until you have paid and bagged it. You will walk out of the shop in a triumph upon finding it or cursing those that found it before you.

Presents to Pack and Wrap: After heading out into the high street in bravery, you will find that you now have more presents than you thought. You will then worry about having enough wrapping paper, tape and labels to cover them all. Even more, stress ensured.

You’ll Worry About How Much Food and Drink You Have Brought: Christmas is a time for sharing. Yet, there will always be that worry about whether you have brought enough food and drinks. Does Tesco deliver on Christmas Eve? Is there ever such a thing as too much? How do you cook a turkey if you've never done it before? This will lead to a call to your mum on a Bridget Jones level. Just stir it Una!

TV Binging Begins: After a hectic day, you will finally sit down and start the traditional TV binging with a mince pie and mulled wine. All whilst telling yourself that you will start the wrapping as soon as possible. You will find that time has flown, as it does on Christmas Eve, the turkey hasn’t been cooked yet and you are ready to give up. But don’t! Like always it will all work out.

Christmas Eve doesn’t need to be stressful, but let’s be honest, it is kind of the fun of it. Especially when you promise not to do it again next year. You know you will aha!

Joey X

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