Happy Birthday To Me! 27 Facts About Me To Mark 27 Years!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

To mark my 27th birthday today, I thought I would share with you all 27 facts about myself. Some you may have picked up on over the years, others I am sharing for the first time. I hope I just don’t bore you all too much with them lovelies. Discover more about me with a donut to celebrate:

  1. I Am Half Italian and English: My dad was from Sicily, whilst my mum is from England. They raised me to appreciate both countries and I have a great love of them. 

  2. I Currently Have 10 Piercings: I am obsessed with ear piercings and am constantly planning to get my next one. I’m tempted to get my nose pierced too, but I am not sure if it will look good or not. 

  3. I Volunteer In A Mind Charity Shop: Once a week, I volunteer in a local Mind charity shop. Due to my condition, I can’t lift much, so I work on the computer and help with their technical matters. 

  4. I Love Honey and Jam: A bit of an odd fact, but a jam sandwich is pure heaven to me and I have recently started to have them again. Honey is also one of my favourite things in the world and I have it once a day at least, either on my honey or on a dinner dish. 

  5. Journaling Has Changed My Life: Every single day, I spend at least 10 to 15 minutes writing in a journal. I put down my feelings, what I am eating or intend to eat that day and the next and my plans for the week. It all helps me deal with my emotions and illness better. 

  6. Disney Plus UK Is My Favourite Thing: If I am not watching YouTube, you can find me binging on Disney Plus. You probably can guess this with the amount I suggest you watch stuff on it aha! 

  7. I Gatecrashed My Brother's School Nativity: When I was around three or four, I decided to walk onto the stage of my brother's primary school play and sit on it until the end. I sang along with the songs and did not move. I have always loved Christmas and am proud to show it. 

  8. I Don’t Want Children: For a long time, I haven’t wanted to have children. Because of my anorexia, it is highly likely that I won’t be able to, but I haven’t wanted them ever really and I am happy to speak about it. I am still maternal, just in different ways and no I don’t hate kids either. 

  9. My Favourite Present Was A Trip To Dublin: My mum paid for us to both go to Dublin for my 21st birthday, which was also my big present. This was the greatest gift I have ever been given. 

  10. An ABBA Tribute Act Was My First Concert: When I was around four, my parents took me to our local theatre to see an ABBA tribute act. I remember loving every minute of it and crying at the end when it was over. I have been an ABBA fan ever since. 

  11. Christmas Is Celebrated All Year Round: As a huge Christmas fan, I will happily play songs all the time, preparing gifts in January and buying decorations when I can. Christmas is when I can truly feel and be myself. 

  12. Lee From Blue Was My First Crush: Lee Ryan from Blue was my first love. I went to see the band in concert and after that he was my one true love. This has since changed to Ryan Gosling. Must be a Ryan thing aha! 

  13. I Once Saw Katy Perry For Free: After a bit of a mishap, I managed to see Katy Perry for free and was in the front row throughout. She was amazing and I paid to see her again a few years later. 

  14. I Have Seen Friends Over 100 Times: Growing up, my dad brought me the Friends videos from car boots. My mum then got me the DVD box set for Christmas one year. I have watched both over and over again, making it my favourite show ever. 

  15. I Once Cut My Own Hair (It Ended Badly): When I was younger, I was desperate to have shorter hair, so I decided to cut it. On one side. Therefore, my mum noticed and I had to have a small bob cut in the end by our hairdresser. Put me off hairdressing for life. 

  16. Senna Died On A Corner Named After My Family: Okay, so this may be a sad one, but the racing driver Senna died on Tamburello Corner, which is named after a member of my family. 

  17. My Dad’s Family Were Part Of The Mafia: And that is all I will say on the matter aha! We aren’t associated with them now, but his ancestors were quite high up in it. 

  18. My Mum Is Related To Emily Davison: And that is why she is a true superwoman. She is related to one of the most important Suffragettes of all time. 

  19. I Didn’t Go On A Plane Until I Was 12: My brother Gio is terrified of planes, so I think I picked up on this when I was younger. So, I wouldn’t go on them. It took until I was 12 to go on one and that was only to Scotland. Now I absolutely love them. 

  20. I Loved School: Looking back on my younger years, I adored school. I went through the typical bad stages, such as mood swings and bullying, but I continued to still love school. In fact, I would happily go back, especially to primary school, to do it all over again. 

  21. Lasagne Is My Favourite Food: Although I find it terrifying, lasagne is my favourite food. Hopefully one day I will be able to enjoy it again, because it has so many memories for me. Lots of good ones. 

  22. Silver Linings Playbook Is My Favourite Book: When I was ill at 17, I read this book and it changed my life. I adore the film, but the book is something else. If you haven’t read it before then you must. 

  23. Walk The Line Is My Favourite Film: I don’t know how many times I have seen this film, but every time I watch it I fall in love with it again. It is a long one, yet it is worth it and I can’t recommend it enough.

  24. Bing Bong Is The Best Disney Character (To Me!): Inside Out is the Disney film that changed my life as an adult and Bing Bong is my favourite character ever. There, I said it aha!

  25. I’ve Been Best Friends With My Bestie Dee For Over 20 Years: We met at a caravan park in Clacton, where our holiday home was next to hers, and we haven’t stopped being best friends since. After asking to play a game of Swingball with me, we decided to ditch it and go inside to play Bratz. When we meet up now, it is like we have never been away. 

  26. I Was A Twihard: If you have read my favourite podcasts review posts, you may have noticed that I was and in fact still am a Twihard. It was my teenage dream and I still have a high appreciation for the cheese fest that it is. Team Edward all the way. 

  27. I Believe In Manifestation: In the past year, I really believe that if you ask for something you will get it. Writing it down, saying it out loud or making plans, if you ask and work for it, then I think you will get it. Therefore, I am writing now that I believe that as I turn 27, I am going to do more radio shows and return to Disneyland Paris before I am 28. 

How was that donut lovelies? If you made it to the end of this post, well done! Go and have another one to mark my birthday right now! You deserve it! 

Joey X

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