Never Stop Doing What You Love!



Good Morning Lovelies,

When you were younger did you ever worry about doing something? I often didn’t! That is because I absolutely loved most of what I wanted to do. Be it playing with my Barbie dolls, sorting out and planning things with friends or spending time simply doing hobbies I loved. Yet, this all changed as I got older. 

Not wanting to seem uncool or not part of the group, I changed. I changed to be something that I wasn’t. I loved things such as Twilight, but stopped because I thought others would think I was weird. I stopped appreciating my younger loves, such as dolls houses, Barbie and role playing games, to get my place within the cool group. 

Whilst some of these things are inevitable, when getting older, it is sad. So, I’ve decided to change that. If I love something or love doing something, I am going to appreciate it, embrace it and share my love all over again. Barbie dolls. Baking. Reading. Everything. I am going to love it and fangirl over it until my heart is content. Including Twilight. 

Sometimes I go online and search for the 90s and 00s loves that I adored. Playboy. Groovy Chick. Friends. Disney. All of them are now featured in my life like they were when I was younger. I love it. 

There so, I wanted to write this post to highlight that you never have to change. Adore puzzles? Keep doing them. Want to wear Disney ears to work? Do it. Displaying Barbie dolls in your house? When can I come round and look at them? Whatever it is, love it, never lose that love and do what makes you happy. 

I’m off to scroll through pictures of miniature dolls house creations now! 

Joey X

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