Happy Galentine’s Day - Celebrate With These Simple Ideas



Good Morning Lovelies,

14 months ago, me and my mum were left as a twosome. Our famous trio was missing the man in our lives. Whilst we will never replace my dad, we are now doing things for ourselves. Including making sure that we look after each other.

Due to my anorexia, my mum has become my full time carer. So, to repay her for all her help, I like to do little things that show her how much I appreciate it. These little things cost nothing or little to nothing at all and she really enjoys them. 

There so, I have gathered a few ideas or plans I have done for her that you can do for the special ladies in your life this Galentine’s Day…

Watching A Film or Show Together: My mum works early mornings, which means that the weekends or holidays are normally the only time we get to sit down together and watch a film or show later in the day together. Putting on something we have both been looking forward to is always lovely. Especially when we snuggle up together. Simple and so easy to do. 

A Pamper Evening: My mum works long hours, especially on a Tuesday. After collecting me from my volunteering at a local charity shop, I come home and make sure she knows how thankful I am for her by running her a luxurious bath and sending her to her room to rest. Sorting out a simple bath, with bubbles, bath salts and fresh pjs for after fills my heart with joy. As well as my mum’s. 

A Coffee Pit Stop: When we go out, I try to push myself and have a coffee stop with my mum. Whilst I can’t drink caffeine, as my body doesn’t like it, I treat her to one. Yet, every Sunday at home, I go all out and make her a special latte. At Christmas, she got a gingerbread syrup and I use my milk frothy to make her a special drink. Oh, and a cake! 

Sleepover Club: Me and my mum are best friends. We look after each other, even in our sleep. Since my dad died, we have regular sleepovers, in which we snuggle up in her bed and watch something or chat. Having suffered from panic attacks all my life, these nights can make all the difference at times. Someone to hold my hand when times are tough means everything. Never be afraid to have a sleepover, especially when you need that special someone by your side. 

Holiday, Celebrate: Last year, for my mum’s birthday, I decided to take her away for a couple of days. It was perfect and just what we needed. Although it wasn’t abroad or a fancy trip, it was special to us and proved that we could do things just us two. We’ve booked two trips for this year and I can’t wait. 

Making Plans With The Girls: Finally, I like to make plans for my mum with her friends. I know that she worries about going out, but I like her to go out and enjoy herself and she always does. Seeing and hearing her tell me all about what happened on a night out with the girls fills my heart with joy. I will never stop making big nights out for her because of it. 

These are just a few simple things I do for the most amazing woman in my life lovelies. They are simple, but mean a lot to us both. Something that always matters. Galentine’s Day will definitely be celebrated with one of these ideas happening and I can’t wait. How are you celebrating with your favourite ladies today? Or how do you like to celebrate them?

Joey X

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