Kapdaa! The Journal Company You Need To Use This Year!


Good Morning Lovelies,

How are we already so many days into January? People say this is the longest month of the year, but for me, I find that it goes very quickly. Yet, it is also a great time to reflect on what the next months can bring. 

Every January, I always start a new diary. In fact, I start three. That may seem like a lot, but I have different ones for different elements of my life. I keep one to track positive moments in my life, one for daily events and plans and another as a food diary to help with my anorexia recovery. 

This planning means that I am always on the look out for the right kind. The ones that are going to help me with everything I need. There so, when I heard about KAPDAA  – The Offcut Company, who use offcut materials to make beautiful products such as notebooks, eye masks, luggage tags, card wallets, files and more , to help prevent waste, I knew I had discovered a new brand to use.

In many vibrant colours and designs, the journals are lined with the perfect pages to write those daily memories on. With access to plain and coloured pages too, there is also a lot of choices for all your journaling needs. 

Having been a fan of journaling for a long time, I actually gave the one I was gifted kindly by the company to my mum. Together, we now take about an hour a day to sit down, reflect and write down what good has happened. Even if we are having a bad day. It can really make a difference.

The floral patterned one I received was also ideal for her, as it was just the kind of design she would have picked herself. I know that having her do this now has changed her outlook a lot. 

I had never heard of the company before, but I am so impressed with everything that they are doing. With prices starting from £17.50, they may seem a little pricey, but you are helping to save the planet, getting a great product and the company are incredibly reliable and safe to use. Something that makes it all worthwhile. 

I would definitely recommend them. Even if you have never journaled before. I am now looking at investing in one for myself, having seen how much they have made a difference to my mum’s life. 

Do you journal? What kind do you do? And will you be taking a look at this brand? Let me know what you think if so! 

Joey X

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