Gamely Games Have Created The Quickest Drawing Game Ever! Will You Be Able To Do It?


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Christmas is the time in our house when getting out a board game or playing charades is a must. Each year, they cause a lot of laughter and an equal amount of arguments! We try to make sure that we have a new one to play, so when Gamely Game’s Six Second Scribbles landed on our doorstep I was very happy.

A bit like Pictionary, Six Second Scribbles is a game that requires a lot of skill in a short amount of time. With a number of words on a card, you have to draw as many of them as you can in six seconds. Then every player has to attempt to guess what the images are. With many players allowed to join in all at once and aged range between 8 to 80, this is truly a game for the whole family to get stuck into. Plus, it is so easy to put away if an argument does break out.

As our family are a bit spread out, we only had a few players, but we didn’t let that stop us. Delving into the random words, we laughed a lot at how simple yet fun the game was. With more people expected around the Christmas period, I found myself picturing us doing this on Christmas day. 

The game is super simple,Everyone can get involved and I really liked that it came in such a small box, because it meant that the game could be taken on holidays or family trips to play on the beach or where you are staying without a lot of mess.

It is also the perfect stocking filler or Christmas Eve box gift. The game doesn’t take long to set up and can be enjoyed for hours or less depending on how many rounds you decide to play the game for.

Random it is but a whole lot of fun! To find out more visit the Gamely Games website:

Joey X

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